Track Building and BuyingStarter Padle from an electrical box blank cover

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Bought a couple electrical box blank covers $1.15 each... they are bigger than the orange shields, better as a want to use them to make DT to HW adaptor connectors... but I had to mess with one, a hand held starter paddle for the xmas charity tracks ;

Hey Smitty,

Have you ever checked out the McMaster-Carr website...I'm scared to think what you might make if you spent a little time looking around there...

and YOU'RE scared... yikes !... like i don't mess with too much already...
They have just about everything! You could probably get a 4' x 8' sheet of platic to make connecters with!
Holy moly...that place does have everything. Thanks for the link.

And, if McMaster-Carr doesn't have it, MSC does...

If I were a little more business minded I might market the "sloppy connectors" , would need a set of dies to punch out the strips...wonder if they would sell...?

They would sell. Accessories are where it's at. We all know there are great playsets out there that include everything but very little in the way of discrete components to make stuff. I'd rather pay $5 for a pack of special connectors than have to buy a playset just for one part.

If you go down this route and need some help getting them online to sell, let me know and we can figure something out. I'd love to see RLD be a marketplace for race accessories like that for sure.

Never underestimate the value of convenience. Many people here are DIYers that find the fun in home grown stuff, but some just want ready-made things to assemble and start racing. I love making things but time is scarce so I often just resort to buying something. Less fun but gets me to my actual need quicker.

i love to invent stuff, but making 1000 sort of puts a damper on it...

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