Stick on flex weight, cut-table with scissors

The_Commish Wednesday, 3/10/2021

I've been looking into ways to get more weight management into my cars and came across this product, which seems reasonable for 3 oz of cuttable, stickable, stackable weight. I was looking into tungstun putty, but this is much cheaper. Was wodering if anyone has used it and or if anyone had thoughts about it.


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redlinederby 3/10/21
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I think I've seen that at the store but never tried it. Depending on the race you can probably get 2 cars out of that strip. Looks nice and workable, at least.

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Mayfield41 3/10/21

I have that in my Amazon cart now. Was thinking of the weight laying flat then the car may be more balanced. 

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CrazyEights 3/10/21

You know you can get all that pinewood derby stuff cheaper at Hobby Lobby? Plus graphite and axle tubes.

  • Lobby does have a good pinewood selection, although I've never seen the strip weights. Mostly break-apart weights and tube weights. But good to check all the same. — redlinederby
  • thats where I got my graphite but I haven't seen that weight tape, or tungstun paste. — The_Commish
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dribblybob 3/11/21

I love this stuff, I use it to get smaller amounts of weight in small spots like under the hood. I use wheel weights for the majority of my weight but these are great for those smaller spots. 

I wouldn't recommend the putty though because it never dries completely, in the winter it might be ok but I had a build almost completely ruined once because the car got hot during shipping and the putty ended up in the wheel hubs on my axle.

Heres some examples of the stuff in action and size for reference:

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