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Stock gassers winner takes all

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WiscoNerd 1/6/24

If you still have room count me in for at least 1 maybe two if I can find another one out there in the wild.

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RC_Attucks 1/14/24

Do you still have room? I'd like to get in

You are welcome anytime 

Shipping out soon!!

Sending 2! 

First place trophy is in

Got my cars in the mail to you today. 1-29-2024

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WallyChamp73 1/29/24

Am I too late to enter 2 entries?

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Rusty_Rod 2/6/24

Count me in if it's not too late 

I want in

So, I have a problem with the videos for this race. 2 videos so far and in both of them when my car is introduced,  Shawn Wampler (me), then the race happens it's still the car that I was introduced to compete with but it was a different car in all 3 races that wasn't me.  First race I got changed to Uncle Elvis,  2nd race got changed to King Shark and 3rd race got changed to Buddy B. What the heck is going on here?This mistake has only been made with my cars and no one else. If something was wrong with my cars and they wouldn't run, let me know. They were both stock and only had graphite. Other people had the same cars as mine race and they never changed. Don't think I'll be racing at Knobby Ridge again. ????

  • I knew the line you were referring to Dutch. Post has been edited. Just frustrating that I paid to enter and don't get the cars back, but why keep changing me and only me out of the races? — SteelCityMafia895
  • I completely understand. It’s frustrating. Thank you though. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

I regret you feel that way your car did run we switch lanes between races, so if black cat races in lane one the next time he comes down the track, he will be in Lane two whoever you raced will be in Lane one so with that being said, you get two chances. If there is a tie, we rerun the race if you have a win, and the other person has a win that sudden death whoever wins the next trip down the track is the winner, uncle Elvis is gasser was in line one outrun you in line one switch lanes he outrun you in Lane two  therefore he was moving your next car come up Rosa was the driver the car was in line, one king shark who's in line 2 Rosa won Move the car to Lane two king shark moved to Lane one he won Switched the lines back for sudden death, Rosa won that car moved on to the second round in the second round you went up against Buddy B which was in Lane two switch lanes he won I don't see the mixup that is a play-by-play you lost to him that put you out sorry if that is confusing,

  • Thanks for breaking it down for him Victorfastlane. Sounds like it's just the way racing goes...not an actual error. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing

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