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Stock Nationals 31g-35g

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I'll try and find a couple to send in. 

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Peach 1/24/24

i would like to do 2 if thats alright

First car preparing for the race, Pontiac Firebird Trans AmFound a nice 2nd car in that weight class. My favorite and first car, a 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS :)

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AJ_Grey 2/3/24

Can I enter 2?

Howdy Flip, I have a quick rule needing clarification

You mention we can sand wheels, but you also mention no grinding material away to make weight. I assume by grinding you mean we are not allowed to grind out "drag racing wheels". But just to be sure: we ARE allowed to sand these stock car wheels smooth?

Edit: Also, clarifying on the main post that the weight limit is now 35.9 instead of 35.0 would be nice

  • Sanding wheels is fine. Nothing else — Flip81
  • Alright sounds good… I’m excited to try your drag strip, thanks for hosting — ConMan_Customs

A 1976 Volkswagon MK1 GTI Golf will pull up to the start.

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Rusty_Rod 2/6/24

Count me in for 2 if possible 

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DTaylor44 2/8/24

BFG racing  would like to be in with 2 please

  • In — Flip81
  • Correction I will be sending five. Don’t think they’re gonna be very fast, but you never know. — DTaylor44

Just to clarify,  any casting as long as it isn't modified. Correct?

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dr_dodge 2/9/24

on it's way


Let's give this stock class a try.


am i in?

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