Story of a wagon

dr_dodge Sunday, 9/3/2023

My first attempt at a story
(a different type of build thread)

crappy cell phone format,

as we recover what ends up being a '59 chevy

that apparently was used in a wild west hrill show,

and the doors are welded, no floorboards

and there is a huge reinforced hole in the roof

that'll be a challenge

Happy Lador Day Weekend



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dr_dodge 9/6/23

so,  I'd like to give a challenge to everyone!

The model I used to shoot this on is one I made for an on line competition that went nowhere, so bummed,  but I dug it out, and...

that changes now, it has a new life!!!!

Big Problem!! nothing has a name, other than the cannery, and it's called "cannery"

The cannery gave me the car

The Cannery has NO NAME

Gotta fix that

Thats the First Challenge,

throw me some names, if your name is the best, it will be forever named that, and credit you

Signage and all.......

so, important backstory

the (big) cannery is below a huge lake (un named, the way)
and they can the produce from the valley below,

but also make pickled fish, sauerkaut, and vinigar,

Imagine the smell, and it could be a great dry joke name

they also handle wine and other distiled beverages

I'll dig some cars out to send the winner!

"a different kind of build thread"

I' ll decide winner by y'all comments by friday, If anyone want to play


Big Tuna...

Excellent back story!


  • thanks, something silly and fun, I am good at stories, but terrible with making names — dr_dodge
  • Good luck with your project! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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StrayDog 9/7/23

Pickler's Still Canning

  • thats pretty good — dr_dodge
  • Thanks! I was hoping for the double meaning with the wording — StrayDog
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SpyDude 9/7/23

Well, there's always Cannery Row (which is a real name and would fit). ToonaPhishery Canning

Since there's alcohol there, you could do Fish N Schlitz, or use that for the local pub. The Tipsy Flounder -"Come in and get pickled!" 

As for the lake... Lake Kukamunga is always a fun one. Fischdärme See ("Fish Guts Lake" in German), Lake Stinkapoo....

  • those are pretty good, lake stinkapoo! funny — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 9/7/23

Well, first round of prizes

best name gets the '64 wagon, as a bonus

I'll give cars to any name I use
(reply with your #)

Spy dude:  

"Fischdärme See ("Fish Guts Lake" in German)"
"Come in and get pickled!" 

chose 2 cars from above, I will use both of those

stray dog, pick a car

"Pickler's Still Canning"
I will use that for a more "clandistine operation"

" a different kind of build thread'

contest goes till tomorrow night
and I have more car to give away it we get more good names


  • #6 and #7, por favor .. and shooting for that '64 wagon. — SpyDude
  • #4, please and thank you — StrayDog
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EnZedRacing 9/8/23


James Pond - Double Ohhh....My God what's that stench.

The Shark Tank

(If any of these terrible ideas win, please donate the cars to someone local )

Hahaha! I Love it! If you have ever Beat brush,hacked trees down to pull a car out then this brings back memories.

  • yup, based on real life experiences — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 9/8/23

Well gonna have to give the '64 to spy dude.

I will use the bar and slogan name

along with the lake name


And Stray dogs,

the more i think about the name, the more I like it

so the cannery is "picklers still"


PM me your addresses, I'll send out the cars,

thanks for playing

"a different kind of build thread"


  • well, it seems the car is ready to pick up — dr_dodge
  • tipsy flounder gonna be there — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 11/7/23

@spydude, didn't short ya,  
you own the
ready to star Plan on shooting vids tomorrow

(and this is not the chevy for gtr, but thats another story)

it's a 64 ford

@straydogs, cannery will have the new sign, too


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dr_dodge 11/28/23

how its built


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