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Summer Bash Drag Strip 2023

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Endcount 5/26/23

Hey I'd like to enter the race.  I'm down for 2 entries. Question: Are fantasy casting allowed? 

  • Hi Endcount. Sounds good I'll add you to the list. Unfortunately, this is a street racing theme so only cars real cars at this race at this time. Thanks for asking! — D_Built_Garage
  • Ok cool. I’ll have 2 ready soon — Endcount

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have another racer that has entered the "Donlex Kansas City Speedway". Coming in at 75 grams, we have an Eco Jet and a amazing 84' Ford Thunderbird Prostock coming in at 57 grams. Thank you for participating CHOWHOUND Racing N Diecast. I did a test run on both cars and both are running smoothly! Best of luck to you!


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RevTater 5/30/23

I hope to have one or 2 ready jn time, just getting started in diecast racing so it will be a learning process

  • Hey we all start somewhere put to give some advice.If your doing a wheel swap make sure to secure the axels you can either use a jig or use some sort of jb weld,I personally go with the weld but it’s important you only put a drop because if it gets into the wheels then that car is as good as done.Ypu can use anything to add weight like coins,nuts and bolts,wheel weights,etc. — Kingjester
  • Hi Revtater. Sounds good did you want me to add you to the list? — D_Built_Garage
  • Its not hard just with the basics, once you get started it can be a breeze. A little time consuming but the finished product is what you work for — CHOWHOUND_RACING_N_DIECAST
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Rusty_Rod 6/1/23

Count me in if there's any openings left

  • Hi Rusty, I got you added and you are in. I look forward to racing you and the others. — D_Built_Garage

Here is an updated pic of the track for those who are interested. It is a 4 foot drop from the start gate to the floor so this track racks up speed! Especially in the 70g - 80gram class which was why I chose this class. The length of this track will be around 18 feet long which should allow for VTEC to kick in LOL.

Also for those new reading this, I'll be closing out the race July 1st. So you still have access to join this race until July 1st. Thanks everyone. This is just a quick update. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Everyone,

We have another racer that has entered the "Donlex Kansas City Speedway". Coming in at 59 grams, we have a Nissan 350z and a 1971 Lamborghini Moira coming in at 47 grams. Thank you for participating 409 Diecast Racing.  Best of luck to you!


Question about acceptable entries

You mentioned JDM, American Muscle & Euro cars. Can I enter any Euro car, or does it need to be a sports car casting?


  • Hi Rabid, Yes you can enter any Euro Car up to 2. Both Euro cars, JDM cars or American Muscle cars if you like. Thanks for asking! — D_Built_Garage

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