Summer Pro-Am - Stage 2 - Pro division

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
Hosted by Gen X Vintage Racing
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redlinederby Monday, 5/10/2021
Site manager

This race is part of the RLD Summer Pro-Am series. See rules and format information.

Stage 2 - Box Canyon Loop (Washington)

This stage of the Summer Pro-Am is an open track race on the Box Canyon Loop managed by Gen X Vintage Racing & The Diecast Racing Report. 

This is a closed series. No sign-ups are available for this event.

This thread will be updated with details, links, and results as they are made available.


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redlinederby 6/17/21
Site manager

Here are the groupings for Stage 2. I got word that recording was happening this week/end, so hopefully more action to watch in the next few weeks.

Make your picks and place your bets! Good luck!

Group A:

  • Mattman213
  • FOTF
  • G4 Diecast Racing
  • Ghost Driver

Group B:

  • Sneaky Bob
  • DXP Racing
  • Rivera Racing
  • R-Lo Racing

Group C:

  • Voxxer
  • Chief Wapahoo
  • Golden Owl
  • Secondhand Speed

Group D:

  • Mopar Mac
  • Big Al
  • Uncle Elvis
  • The Maker's Box
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Mattman213 6/17/21

Great cant wait to see how this leg goes...gonna be nuts!


Pro Group A:

Pro Group B:

Pro Group C:

Pro Group D:

Groups were assembled in serpentine fashion, based on the results of the first leg of the tour.

  • *Opens package, sees my car* “Of course, another Thunderbird…” -Kit — RLoRacing
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