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Summer Pro-Am - Stage 2 - Pro division

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And now a shameless plug from the sponsors of drag racing, where your cars stay on the track 99.9 percent of the time and the fastest cars always win.

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RLoRacing 6/29/21

Well, mine doesn't look like it came through intact... 

  • I will check all cars, they are in my possession as of today. I quickly checked 4-5 and found several bent wheels. I will consult with RLD on how to proceed but it is my position that you all are informed on what occurred to your cars. Everything is going to be ok. — BlueLineRacing
  • Everyone's asses getting kicked on this track .... wtf? — SpyDude
  • I know, right? — The_Commish
  • Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan! — The_Commish
  • Thank you, we appreciate the care for our cars. We worked really hard on them, and to see them so abused like this is heartbreaking. I mean, yeah, it’s just toy cars, but it’s OUR toy cars….. — SpyDude
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The_Commish 6/29/21

Thank God the Aluminum Falcon made a safe landing at your track... Cuz it sure as hell didn't at the last one :X

****Pro Am Pro's Injury/damage Report****

DXP- No obvious damage

RLo Racing- right front wheel bent, loose weight inside, body sits on chassis crooked.

Sneaky Bob- No obvious damage

Big Al- front axel loose and both front wheels rubbing fender badly. Rear wheels ok. May not make it down the track

Uncle Elvis- No obvious damage

Mattman213- slightly bent left rear wheel. All wheels spin freely

Mopar Mac- slight bend in right rear wheel. All wheels spin freely

Second Hand Speed- Right rear wheel bent. All wheels spin freely

G4 Diecast- No obvious damage

Rivera Racing- No obvious damage

FOTF- Right rear wheel bent

Makers Box- No obvious damage

Golden Owl- No obvious damage

Chief Wopahoo- No obvious damage

Voxxer- both front wheels slightly bent, both rear wheels slightly bent. All wheels spin free

Ghost Driver- No obvious damage

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Mattman213 6/29/21

WOOF gonna be a bunch of limping and crab walking going on next race!


Only car I'm concerned about in the Pro field is Big Als. Front Axel is unattached. The rest will roll fine. Obviously if you have a bent wheel I wouldn't expect blistering times but most wheels roll fine. Some cars seem unaffected. Some cars are built like tanks and I'm sure that helped. We will just have to see how it goes. I'm sorry to all who have damage. I sympathize with you and know the work that goes into these cars. Good Luck

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MoparMAC 6/30/21

Thanks for the update. Very much appreciated. Sorry to all who have damaged cars. 

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GhostRacing 6/30/21

Yikes! I sincerely feel bad about those cars that were damaged and/or destroyed (I was fortunate). That race was like being in one of those "nailed it" memes. Appreciate the update!

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