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Tail of the Dragon track build journal, premise & insights

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3DBotMaker 3/27/18

Well, I've got all the Fat Track I need now, so I now enter the actual design phase of Tail of the looks like this track will host it's inaugural race in 2018...when, don't know yet.

...I do still have to get the 3 Lane Starter from 3D.

...I've got Fat Track Fever!!!

The inaugural Tail of the Dragon race will be late July a Summer race on the horizon...I'll get the official race thread up in May, but it's format will be unique and hopefully fun for all who dare challenge the Dragon!!!

I'll be posting the build journal and notes here in this thread.

The Official Race Thread is up with some rules and details...I'm going to start the build in June once the Corvettes leave town on their summer tour...I'll be posting build photos and progress reports here in this thread...I'm really looking forward to this build and the future racing to come.

The Fat Track Starting Father's Day present is on the way to LoS Track Building HQ...I'm going shopping for some supplies this weekend...time to get busy on Track # 5!!!

...and now it's time for the Dragon to awaken 

All the supplies are in house...going to be on vacation 7th - 14th, so I'll build the track the two weeks prior to the race...all the specs are finalized, so it's just the build left to do...look for some pics starting on July 16th forward.

Man...had a dream last night that I miscalculated the track and connectors...whew, that would be very unlike me...but had to check anyway. I've got one extra connector that I'm planning on using with the drop and transition...which I'll be working on today...feeding the 3 single lanes into the fat track before curve 1...and you know me...I've got to come up with 4 name's for the curves :)

I really wanted to get some black single lane track for the first race, but this is the only auction with enough....and I'm not paying $35 plus shipping...we will eventually have black single lanes feeding into the fat track, but not this time, so sorry about that.

This connector will be at the bottom of the Drop and will basically be the Transition point...I'm going to use these pilot holes in the connectors at the Transition and where the single lanes feed into the fat track to really make that top section of the track secure.

Going to build the curve stands later today and will be incorporated into the top section of the track just like Widow Maker in Bootleg Run and the other 3 will be free standing.

The Curve platforms will be 16" x 30"...going to go with 1x4 for the legs/frame and two strips of 1x8 for the platforms.

Curve 1 at 26" H

Curve 2 at 19.5" H

Curve 3 at 13" H

Curve 4 at 6.5" H

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