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redlinederby Monday, 4/27/2020
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Warmer temps and a rain-free day finally crossed paths so the kid and I went to the park to ride, hike, and take photos of our toys, of course. So here's a few glamour shots from the day. 

Next time you go outside to play, take a few cars and snap some shots. It's a fun time that you can share with your family. Have your kid bring along a favorite toy or two and let them take a few shots. My daughter loved taking photos of her tiny toy characters.

And when you do...don't forget to share 'em!


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Chaos_Canyon 4/27/20

Here's a few I took last year, of my custom 1/25th scale cars, while I was on holiday. Yes, I took them on holiday with me. Do you not? ;)

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ChiefWopahoo 4/27/20
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Mattman213 4/27/20

Heck yeah I love the glamour/scale shots in here!  I learned long ago that a little indirect light from the good ole Sun can make a smaller scale photo POP.  Finding a nice shady outdoor spot is perfect for taking pictures of knives, coins, diecast etc.  I dont have any outdoor shots of my cars but might have to give it a shot sometime.


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GTRguy83 5/2/20

My turn:

  • Nice! That Chevy truck looks quite real — Chaos_Canyon
  • Thanks Chaos, unfortunately it's just for show, doesn't roll. When I did it my customs were for shelves, not tracks. 180° turn right now! — Tracanas_DCRPT
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ChiefWopahoo 5/5/20
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Just a couple of Mopars and me hanging out in the back yard at sunrise. 

  • Check the Charger Summer thread — LeagueofSpeed
  • Sunrise? What's that? — redlinederby
  • LOS - Replied with confirmation (thanks for the heads up) — ChiefWopahoo
  • RLD - Gotta live out here in the boonies to see the sun rise, lol. — ChiefWopahoo
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Diecast64 5/12/20

Here's a couple...

Also just started a new YouTube series called picture that where I go out and take photos of diecast cars...


  • This is great! I'd love to include a piece about it in my next DSPN update this week, if you're ok with me putting a couple highlights in it and linking to your video? — Chaos_Canyon
  • Sure, that would be awesome! — Diecast64
  • Sweet. Thanks. This week's episode should be out Friday or Saturday NZ Time (we're about a day ahead of the US) — Chaos_Canyon
  • Do you have a logo for your channel you can send me at all? — Chaos_Canyon
  • I sent a PM with logos — Diecast64
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Xavante 6/22/21

Good show ! I take it these pics are from Ohio?

Although I'm English, I have been to Cincinnati. And got the chance to see the "Reds". ????????????

  • They are from Ohio. I live in Columbus which is a couple hours northwest of Cincinnati. — redlinederby

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