Target cares about your Hot Wheels, maybe a little too much

redlinederby Sunday, 4/16/2023
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I was out the other day buying Hot Wheels for work. Yes, for work. I've been given the opportunity to do another team building event that involves Hot Wheels. It's great on many levels but most of all is that I got to go toy shopping on the company's dime.

Anyway...went to Target and they were pretty well stocked with several bins of peggers. I needed about 40 cars so I filled my basket and went to checkout. Only the self-checkouts were open at that time and while I did have 40 items, scanning each car quickly shouldn't have been an issue...until it was.

When I scanned the first car it rang up as $1.19, which was accurate, and then I got asked if I wanted to opt-in to a protection plan for my toy purchase. For an additional $3.50.

I was somewhat surprised by the ask simply because it was a $1.19 purchase. You'd have thought the item would have to be at least more than the price of the plan, right?! But whatever...I tapped "No thanks" thinking it would remember my selection for the next scan. Nope. It asked me again if I wanted a protection plan.

I had to stand there and say "No thanks" to a protection plan for every. single. car.

Just for fun, I figured up that I had about $50 worth of Hot Wheels and adding the plan for each car would have been an additional $140. That would have looked great on the expense report!

Yet I was tempted to say "Yes" to the plan for one car, beat the shit out of it, and see what happens if I try to make a claim on it. Would they send me a new car? The same car?

I've never run across this at any other Target so this was clearly a mistake but an amusing-yet-frustrating one.


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Kingjester 4/16/23

I've had this pop up for me at my target as well if I happen to find some good pegs during my visit, me personally I think it mainly applies to other types of toys specifically action figures/dolls mainly because those tend to fall victim to wear and tear/kids being kids most of the time.Granted hot wheels can also experience wear and tear (paint fading,wheels and axels getting bent) but they are a lot more durable compared to your average toy

  • Indeed it makes sense for some toys but I do wonder if I sent in a HW on the plan saying it was wobbly or wrong wheel or the paint was chipped if they'd send me new one. — redlinederby
  • But was also a reminder that Hot Wheels are still quite possibly the cheapest toy in any aisle. Even tiny plastic figures are upwards of $5 or more. — redlinederby
  • Yeah I mean the only time it gets expensive assuming you aren’t buying track sets are 9 packs or up,even then for most 9 packs at my target go for about 10 dollars so that’s basically the equivalent of getting 9 cars separately — Kingjester
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ChiefWopahoo 4/16/23
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I've wondered about that too. I once asked the Target person that watches the self-checkout if they have any details on the warranty program but only got a blank stare...

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Tell them your car shunk 64x. :)

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SpyDude 4/16/23

It IS a Target thing. It's happened here, too (Tucson, AZ). Someone should take out the insurance and beat up a couple of cars just to see what happens.

All mainlines purchased in a single pack after January 1, 2013 are guaranteed for the life of the purchaser by Mattel anyway.  So it seems like an unnecessary add on to me.

  • It is unnecessary, which makes it feel even shadier on Target's part, gotta say. — redlinederby

Funny enough it only applies to mainlines at my local Target. 5-6 dollar premium no warranty offer. Go figure. 

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TheMakersBox 4/17/23

I got asked if I wanted the protection by a checker in training and laughed.  "No, they are guaranteed for life!" was my response.  The trainer told them they don't normally ask on low cost toys.

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