Thank you for a decade of racing

redlinederby Monday, 9/16/2019
Site manager

A lot of things happened in 2009. We got a new president and were coming out of a nasty recession. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Patrick Swayze passed away. Avatar, Star Trek, and The Hangover were raking in cash at the movies. The iPhone was only 2 years old and in the process of changing the world. And some dude in Ohio started racing Hot Wheels under the name Redline Derby Racing.

It’s been a decade of racing here at Redline Derby and every year since then, it has evolved into something I could have never imagined. I didn’t expect Redline Derby to grow into an amazing community of racing fans. I just expected it to be me, being a dork, racing toy cars and talking about it. It sounded fun at the time and it was a new challenge for me…would this work? Will I find anyone that cares? But the great thing about the internet is that someone will find you eventually. And you did.

It’s all been said before but after 10 years, saying THANK YOU this time feels more meaningful than ever.

And when I say thank you, it means THANKS for showing up. THANKS for playing along. THANKS for going back to your childhood. THANKS for picking up my slack. THANKS for sharing. THANKS for dealing with shipping. THANKS for pushing me. THANKS for building. THANKS for racing. THANKS for having fun.

Every movie has a director but no film gets made without the efforts of a team doing most of the work, and Redline Derby is no different. The crew has changed a few times over the past 10 years but there has always been folks that have stepped up and helped me drive the bus.

The key with that these people stepped up on their own, took the reins, and decided to help grow this thing…and that’s simply amazing. It’s humbling and incredible. And THANK YOU to everyone that has been part of that driving team over the years. I hope you take some pride in knowing your fingerprints are all over this thing. I've learned a lot from everyone.

Now, I can’t make a complete list of people, not by a long shot, but I can’t not THANK a short list that helped make a big difference at some point along the way: 

  • Jason Bennet
  • Jim Carlson
  • David Currin
  • Peter Greyy
  • Bill Hicks
  • Bryan Jobe
  • Carl Owen
  • Chris Raab
  • Mike Smith
  • Chris Taylor
  • Jim Thompson

If you had told 30-year-old me in 2009 that this stupid idea for a web site about racing toy cars would be around 10 years later, I’d have probably laughed in your face. Redline Derby didn’t discover or invent anything new, but I like to think we’ve contributed to the greater good in some ways.

Whether that was giving people an excuse to enjoy something they thought they’d left in their past, or by helping someone sell a few accessories for a hobby that is grossly underestimated. Or more so, by fostering friendships between some like-minded fools that still love to play with toy cars.

I don’t know what comes next. I have some ideas and plans, but I don’t know if we’ll go another 10 years. But I hope so, and it’s a possibility as long as good-hearted people like yourselves keep coming through the doors and share their experiences.


But before I go…I also need to give the biggest THANK YOU to my wife. I don’t know what she thought 10 years ago when I said, “I’m going to build a 15-foot Hot Wheels race track in the sunroom.” But no matter what idea I’ve come up with, her answer is always a loving, “whatever,” and lets me do I want. (So all this is really her fault.)


We've just scratched the surface...Redline Derby will be the mecca in the hobby...this is the home for the Quest for Speed...the pondering of the Riddle of Speed...we are all Legion...One of Many...Race On and Enjoy the process along the way.

Peace and Speed- League of Speed 

I agree with LoS... This site is the home for all things diecast racing! I believe this sit will keep getting bigger and will soon play a huge role in the changes that will take place with YouTube soon.

I look forward to meeting the mastermind behind this brilliance come October.

Thank you for such a great site!

Happy Hot Wheeling!

"THANKS for going back to your childhood." he says what r yu talking about I am techincally still a 4 yr old child in a 17 yr old body... lol... always have been always will be... #NEVERGROWOLD

  • Some childhoods are closer than others :) — redlinederby

Happy 10 years. I only said yes because I didn't really think you'd build a 15-ft track in the sunroom, but whatever...

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WorpeX 9/18/19

Wow, 10 years already? I'm glad I have been around this community for a lot of that! Love this site and the people it brings together. It makes me feel better about racing hotwheels cars, even though i'm in my 30s now!

  • Just watched that old Redline National video you posted in the rip n roll thread. That's always been one of my favorite races to watch, even though I didn't end up winning, hah — JDC442
  • it was a lot of fun to run! I might try and set another one up at some point. — WorpeX
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72_Chevy_C10 9/19/19

And, Thank You for providing a great place for us Hot Wheels racers to hang out and have fun! 

I discovered this site right after having gone through a divorce, and I found a great community where I felt right at home...and what's more, this sport gave me something to do while my life was undergoing changes. 

I haven't been as active lately as I would like because life has thrown even more changes at me. But, I'm in a good place, and you'll be seeing lots of racing to come in 2020.  And I'll be posting it right here, where it belongs!

So, thanks again...and here's, to the next 10 years! 


  • I'm glad we were able to provide you some fun during times of suck. You've been a big player in making this place better for everyone. — redlinederby
  • It's turns out that fun is really important! And I've had a lot of fun on here! — 72_Chevy_C10

Brian, this place has been an amazing place to learn and meet like minded folks.  Found this site while searching how to drill apart Hot Wheels, to help my son repaint one. The best part about scouting was the Pinewood Derby... once I landed here... I knew I was home. For me Competition, customization, and camaraderie.  

I have met people across the country that I would have never come across in my life otherwise.  I thank you for that. 

Here's to going "downhill" for another 10yrs. 

  • Thanks, man. I appreciate and thanks for your support. Cars are great but people make the difference. — redlinederby
  • And I like that tag line, “going downhill for a decade” — redlinederby
  • Here's to another 10 years of competition with you, TE...see ya in lane 2 (as Smitty would say!) :) — 72_Chevy_C10
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JDC442 9/22/19

Oh wow, 10 years!  Thanks Brian I've always said you're the best and I can't thank you enough for bringing this to us.   Lots of good times at redline Derby some seriously good competition, great racers great guys! Sure is nice to see some familiar names up there. I had a blast racing with you guys over the years.  My son's about to turn 9 and we're working on collecting the original 16 redline hot wheels right now - some pretty pricey cars in that lot.  Well have to get all the old guys together sometime and have a special race.

  • Glad things are well, Jim! We should have an Old Timers race. — redlinederby
  • Hey Jim! I did a sweet 16 set last's really Sweet 32 if you are doing US and Hong Kong cars. Be on the lookout next year...I'll be running a bunch in my new locale...Hot Rods Gassers, Muscles Cars, etc! :) — 72_Chevy_C10

Still feel like I got in later than most... joined in 2016 and hosted my first race in 2017...lot of racing went down before that....and while absent...thankful it was out there going on without me. It's been a learning experirnce these past 3 years for sure...I'm glad Redline Derby is where I hang my Racing Hat.

Grateful for a place I can come and play with my toy cars and host the kind of racing I enjoy...Redline Derby will continue on....Peace and Speed - League of Speed

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Rusty 9/25/19

Thanks for a great 10 years of fun.Found this deal a few years agao.Was glad to see I wasn't the only "grown man" still playing with Hot Wheels.I've learned and enjoyed this site from then own.Thanks again for Redline Derby Racing!!

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