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The 2024 IndyCar Tournament

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Foursix 2/18/24

Still open? 

Foursix Diecast Racing for 1 if so


  • At this point, we’ve reached max capacity. There’s always a chance someone dropping out though, so I can keep you on the reserve list. Let me know! — BossChampionshipRacing
  • Sounds good, just bought the casting off eBay, found a metal/metal version, I'll build it regardless ???? — Foursix
  • I'd say go for it. I'm hopeful everyone sticks to their word and submits their cars on time, but I have no idea how many will show up at this point — BossChampionshipRacing
  • Will do! — Foursix
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41-14 2/21/24

Out of the paint shop and waiting for decals. Then off for some boots. 

The Blue Ram Racing Team is officially en route to Lutsen International with high hopes as we embark towards our first official race. Drivers Max Nahtstappen (#33) & Sir. Giovani Paris (#111) both expressed their excitement and optimism for the team before departing.

  • Just sent you a message about the casting — BossChampionshipRacing
  • is it the wrong casting? Looks a little different but I don't really know these that well. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Unfortunately, yes. It’s the older Hot Wheels 500. The tournament this spring is for only the Indy 500 Oval casting (Hot Wheels newer Indy casting) — BossChampionshipRacing
  • Indy Oval 500 debuted in 2012 — GBURacing

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Crazy_Canuck 2/23/24

Not as dramatic a livery as the first one...but how about a classic Target Chip/Ganassi livery?

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41-14 2/29/24

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GBURacing 3/1/24

I commend all who have displayed their paint jobs and livery, ya'll have inspired me, but I just hope my numbers stay on the car!!! The last time I did waterslides was the slot car days, but I did find Rust Belts vids very helpful.

  • You need to clear coat the decals for them to stay on properly… — Crazy_Canuck
  • Yes, I garnered that from Rust Belts vid...gunna trust the process — GBURacing
  • Yes. Don’t be like me and ruin a whole bunch of decals cause I forgot to clear coat them. Hmm lesson learned I guess. — 41-14
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Foursix 3/2/24

So... Wheel and axle question. Can I wheel farm from other castings as long as they are the same profile as the indy 500 oval? Or do they have to come off an actual indy 500 oval?

  • No wheel farming. Keeping it to specifically Indy 500 oval axels and wheels only for this tournament. Great question! — BossChampionshipRacing

Belgium , nr. 45 , Gilles Magnus , ready for The 2024 IndyCar Tournament.


#28- Christie

Track is prepped. Finishing off a few diorama things over the next week, and some more testing leading up to qualifying. But, this tournament is going to MELT some faces!

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Spirit_Of_64 3/18/24

#64 in blue and #84 in orange nearly ready to ship out!

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