The Blues Brothers Epic Track

CanesBart Wednesday, 4/3/2024

Got this idea (after one Chicago PD car chased my 1/64 Bluesmobile slot car around a track. it just wasn't epic)

A large, Blues Brothers gravity track!  Bluesmobile, chased by dozens of police, down a highway, then a jump off the median, back on hw, then a draw bridge jump, a congested drift under the L, in and our of a mall, and etc etc.  

Plus, ancillary tracks where the good old boys, nazis, Carrie Fisher can attempt to t-bone the BBs, (with a plow into a lake, off a unfinished highway overpass, or in a hole in street, is the result of a miss.  

Possibilities are endless!    Is it doable?  Should we start investing in hundreds of 1/64 Illinois HP and Cicago PD Monacos?

There are true artists here with track design!

(I even thought of the Bluesmobile getting their own orange track, as they gotta kinda make it through the whole thing (or the "Hand of God" would work?

Tell this can be done?   

Thank you,


All I can say, The Blue Brothers are awesome, the Dukes are, too, and this just sounds like it could get two thumbs up!

If you put your mind and heart to in, you can do anything!

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LordSyosset 4/5/24

Sounds right up my alley, good luck with it. Will be watching.

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dr_dodge 4/5/24

I like it. Go For It!!!
I have a Dukes 1/64 4 lane slot car track in the works.
jump over the river w/ a broken bridge,
race thru town, up the corkscrew, and a 40' straight,
into an angled flat corner, (then back to jump)
I have built an off road track, a hanging bridge, and some other weird ones,

all are great fun!


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