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dr_dodge 2/8/24

mock up
close, but not

Ask for a Rule definition:

war wagons need at least 4, 5 axles?

but the more is better...???


  • Sure… — Crazy_Canuck
  • Sweet! How straight do they run? Not tried one like this before... — FredD

Could I join 

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MWAI_Racing 2/9/24


MWAI Racing would like to enter. 1 

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Pandaman08 2/10/24

I think I can get a car built in time for this race if you still have a spot open

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Papa_Divosi 2/12/24

Divosi Familia would like a shot.

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FredD 2/13/24

I printed a few items for my entry today. My printer does not necessarliy like these small bits but did ok on them. I am not sure how to reinforce the crash plow. Or even if it needs it... I guess if it takes crash damage, it will look better? Who knows? But a couple more guns for the rear facing mount are forth coming for this six wheel beastie...

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Dretty 2/13/24

Locked and loaded! Ready to collect more skulls! Lol

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Foursix 2/13/24


Boog is ready to get rolling again

Foursix Diecast Racing 

  • Will a sprinter van with a turret fit through the gate? — Foursix
  • Nevermind stock weight is already over max haha! — Foursix
  • Let’s go! — Crazy_Canuck
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Menoth22 2/14/24

*I'm in

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FredD 2/14/24

Well, my first attempt at a real gaslands style vehicle...

In the months and years before "the end"... even rich folks prepped... hard. Now the rich folk live in their enclaves with actual ammenities like food and water and petrol. They have full uparmored vehicles with offensive and defensive weapon systems. They have no need for iron window covers, they have fully armored chassis, body and perspex windows. On the rare occasion, when they need something special for repairs or upgrade, they venture out into the gaslands to barter with the great unwashed masses, the zombies, zipper heads and mutts. The masses call them Sofa-king Rich... they just call themselves the SFR.

SFR Gaslands

My only question is are those front wheels ok or do I need more of a knobby tire? Weighs in near 75grams.

Is it too late to enter this, and if it's not, am I good to donate some failed builds with my official entry to be used as "Target Practice" ?

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GBURacing 2/20/24

Any spots left open and is this beast acceptable when modified into a war rig? If the answer is "yes" to both, then count me in please.

  • Yes and yes…soooooo…I guess that’s a yes — Crazy_Canuck
  • absolutely, looking forward to this project — GBURacing

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