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StarCorps 2/20/24

So I built this instead.  

"I'm Mike Havershaw and dem gottdambed cousin-fricken, no gud, sneakattacken nodicked marshuns took everything from me. Dey took mah house, mah job an mah dawg. 

Nukes got quite a range. 

If I hadden been up in the hills hunten, woulda got me too. Now, it's just me an mah car, Boomer. It's named after mah beloved doggo. 

So, I race fer Rutherford, StarCorps and RAD!, the only energy drink that gets me cranked up anymore. We are headed off Lakeridge heights to show those yellerbelly no goods what a piston junction man is made of." 

Boomer, 75 grams even. 

Mike Havershaw, probably about 260, 270. 

Armament: fender mounted (interior) machine guns. 

Defense: Driver drinks RAD!. Also, armor and reinforced chassis. 

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* 905

ride or die 

Walter came up with new team name

Maple Sugar Motorsport.

same addy? I know u intergalactic fools r always moving & seems like every street has men in suits.

  • We look forward to seeing Walter back at the Heights — Crazy_Canuck
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dr_dodge 2/23/24

starcorps, check your units,
it should be in grams

some scales have real goofy units
100 ml of water = 100 g
if that is weighting "dry ml"
"dry" 100 ml = about 60g
would explain them all being very heavy


  • I'll double check tonight. Thank you! — StarCorps
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RaginRicky 2/26/24

Ok I want in!!  Got to rep the Oregon Outcasts 

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RaginRicky 3/2/24

Let the build begin

  • That’s a way back throw back of a casting!!! I’d love to see you make that competitive!!! Let’s do it!!! — Crazy_Canuck
  • very cool — dr_dodge
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RaginRicky 3/4/24

 Raging Ricky driving XS-IVE. HEAD HUNTER is ready to bash some skulls dual 50 cals ready to blast any competitor coming up from behind. 
 Shipping out soon from Oregon

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dr_dodge 3/5/24

so, you said length is no problem, but to define:

will 7 - 3/4" long fit? 

(yes, it is that long.  5 axles, and 6 castings have given their parts for

I can shorten now maybe about 1", but would rather not, as it looks pretty dramatic now

and right on 75 grams currently, so weight is not an issue



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dr_dodge 3/5/24

@dutch, ok here ya go

crappy pic, but so far

poppa wheelie as a turret

it's pretty nuts, my most complex build yet, and not done

gotta make sure it fits


Hey is there still room? I'm a newer voice around here but I have this guy ready to compete if you'll have him. The paint job isn't quite done (needs the blood of its victims lol) and I've yet to name him, but I think he's worth a fair shot. And yeah these pics kinda suck.

If yes, I will need the address. Thank you!

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Kingjester 3/7/24

The "Tank gunner" is ready for action down in the gaslands and kingjester is more than happy to try and tame this beast

  • Looks tough! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Nice! I picked up a couple of these castings... I like the base at it seems compatible with lots of cars with metal bodies and plastic chassis. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • We will call this one: General Warthog — Crazy_Canuck
  • General warthog very well then sounds like a good name to me — Kingjester
  • great name! — dr_dodge
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Old_Sarge 3/8/24

*would like a spot if there is any left

  • Absolutely dude! Would love to welcome you back to the Heights! — Crazy_Canuck
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StarCorps 3/8/24

Bubba McClintock and the Heavy Metal Express team are headed to the Great White North for the Chowhound Gaslands Open, hosted by 905 diecast!

They are going there to represent Rutherford, drink RAD, and chaw tobacco.

And they are all out of chaw.

Waterslide decals by Rust Belt Customs. 

Lightbar, grill and rear rollcage by Creepy Hero Studios

  • The custom made base makes this build even better! Awesome job dude — Crazy_Canuck
  • wow, nice, did you 3d print the base? — dr_dodge
  • Nope. I cut it off a ralley fantasy truck thing. It fit the demensions of the Charger. — StarCorps
  • looks great! I like the fact you got a different chassis to fit! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

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