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The FREEZIE500 @ 905Diecast

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Making his way from the "New Resistance Fighters" is Commander Puff driving Serenity. This pilot is no "Leaf-on-the-Wind" he's a downright spear through the chest of a driver...and no power in the 'Verse can stop him.

Originating from the planet Volcanus, Numbskull has set FIRE to EVERY track he has raced on. There is no record safe from his blistering speed and blazing race cars. He has come to Verglasia with one goal...turning this planet into his own personal HotTub.

While DeeZaster Jakk was able to escape his home world of Ferricon...his past is about to catch up with him. In an attempt to remain hidden from those who pursue him, he has covered his car in a coating that allows it to shift colours in ways that disrupt the scans of anyone who try's to identify him. 

Growing up on an M-Class planet called "WAI" in the Andromeda galaxy, J.Arrett was bombarded with television signals originating from an unknown source in a neighbouring galaxy. He was fascinated with those signals, but what he became obsessed with was a creature called a "Unicorn". So much so, that he named everything after the beast. His car is the latest tribute to this long line of Unicorn inspired objects.

Nobody knows where the Gray Wizard  came from. Not much is known about him, and his team. He just IS! Rumours swirl about him being a time transcendent and that he has occurred in every time line, yet no records of him exist. He is a figment wrapped in an enigma...and he would t have it any other way.

As written in the texts of Woolfteris:

"Blackie Mutton hails from the meadows of Woolfteris, a small moon orbiting a planet just outside of the known space trading routes. The exact location is quite hush hush because of the fine quality of the wool of the inhabitants. The mysteries of Nature created a hybrid of a wolf like creature crossed with a distant genetic cousin of the Merino sheep, creating a fine and rare wool to obtain. The result of this crossbreeding was the species known as Oviscanides. Not much is really known in the greater universe about this species but rumor has it that to provoke a Woolfterian is to discover there is a yoked up wolf in the peaceful form of a grass grazing sheep. It is during these moments of provocation that the true carnivorous nature of Woolfterians is on full display. It is best if other drivers just leave Blackie Mutton alone......and don't try to pet him."

Coming all the way from the Shredder Nebula centered in the Tigress Constellation is Triplalien...he's hoping his SpaceRocket will roast the competition.

Coming from the same planet as J.Arrett...A.Shley is Arrett's biggest rival. Neither of them could agree on who would best represent the planet WAI so they showed up separate ships...with different crews...they don't say much to each fact there seems to be a cloud that hangs over this pair whenever they're around each other...

This driver also hails from Ferricon, yet has no information associated with him. He is a mystery. What will be this drivers role in the upcoming race?

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Man oh man this is going to be an epic race!!!!!

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Crazy_Canuck 4/12/23

Craitow Mungiff is the lone survivor from the frozen planet of Beae Slou. His home was destroyed by the Tekmortians and he has roamed the galaxy seeking to avenge his fellow B-Slouers.

A Federated Off-Planet Engineer by trade, Craitow crafted his ship, The B-Slou Bomber, from recovered space junk following the demise of his home world.

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Crazy_Canuck 4/14/23

I've got one more late entry to add to the list...but it's official...the FREEZIE500 is underway!!! Filming for G1&2 is should drop early next week...Cheers to all who made it to the GWN!

  • Brrrrrr it‘s freeeeezing…. I hope this heating action is waking us up ;) — Schottys_diecast

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