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The Hatchback Tournament (Entry Level Style)

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Uncle_Elvis 5/8/21


  • LOVE IT! Get that in now! because we are getting close to the limit on the tournament. Great work! that is awesome! Definitely going to be a crowd favorite for sure! — WeRaceDiecast
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UncleBuster 5/17/21

Does your note about no longer accepting cars apply to those who indicated an intention to enter previously, or were their numbers included in your on-going tally? I ask because I expressed my intention to enter earlier with two cars and operated all along with the May 31 deadline in mind. I was mailing my two entries out today, but if you aren't accepting cars any longer I'll just hold onto them. Please let me know. Thanks!

  • You are good to send them in. I updated it in order prevent any new entries. But yes you can still send them in. We will be over the 72 car limit for the tournament. So Off camera (or possibly posting via Facebook rough video) I will run some form of qualifying. top 72 will make it in the tourney. This was already set as in the rules. But for the ones that don't make it. I will be doing a Quick 1 video tourney. The winner of the DNQ tourney will get all the DNQ cars as a prize. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Many thanks for the reply! I'll get my cars out in the morning. — UncleBuster

This is looking to be a good tourney, good luck everyone.

  • Yes sir. Looks like we will have more than enough cars. so a DNQ tourney will be in the works. But looking forward to getting it going! — WeRaceDiecast
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Dadvball 5/20/21

Mine are done and will hit the post office tomorrow. Can you send me the address please?

  • Lookin good! Is that a Fiesta! if it is, its the only one I've gotten in so far. Let's wish it luck in the tourney! — WeRaceDiecast
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Dadvball 5/21/21

Can someone that's already sent their cars in pm me the address please?  I'd like to get mine mailed tomorrow but don't know if I'll hear from Dave in time and I don't want to miss the deadline for having the cars there. Thanks in advance. 

  • PM'ed — Overclocked_Racing
  • Thank you. — Dadvball
  • Glad you got the address. Apologize for the delay. in any case, thanks for participating, looking forward to getting your cars in! — WeRaceDiecast
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Dadvball 5/22/21

Mailed mine this morning. Estimated delivery is Wednesday. 

The Hatchbacks tournament has begun with the DNQ Round:

Part 2 of 5 of the DNQ Tourney:

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Dadvball 8/15/21

Any update on this race?

  • Groups 5-8 are posted on YouTube. DNQ Finals will be posted tomorrow. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Thanks! — Dadvball

Part 3 of 5 of the DNQ Tourney:

Part 4 of 5 of the DNQ Tourney:

Part 5 of 5 of DNQ Tourney:

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