The Hatchback Tournament (Entry Level Style)

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021
Hosted by WeRaceDiecast
WeRaceDiecast Friday, 3/12/2021

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The Hatchback Tournament

Tournament has Begun!

Catch it here:\

UPDATE (Aug 15th 2021): The DNQ Tournament is about to wrap up. Initially we had no plans to run a DNQ tournament, but ended up receiving more cars than anticipated. The Main Event will start soon. We will have a 1 week break between the DNQ and the Main Event. In any case, the majority of information surrounding our events is on our Facebook Group: 

This tournament is a follow up to our Small Trucks Tournament, which was an Entry Level Style tournament:

Entry Level Style: No modifications allowed, custom paint and dry lube only

The purpose of this entry level style is to introduce the world of custom diecast racing to people who are new to the community. It is meant for the absolute beginner, BUT experienced modders can participate as well. Check out the details below to learn more about the tournament.

Tournament start date: Tentative (June 30th)

International competitors: You can still compete. I will be painting a number of cars that will be available for driver signups. In addition, I suspect that some folks will voluntarily be sending in extra cars for driver sign ups. We will make every opportunity for those who are overseas or maybe are unable to send in a car to have the opportunity to sign up as a driver.


  • Households can only send in a MAXIMUM of 3 cars
  • Your cars MUST be one of the following castings:
    • Audacious
    • 88 Honda CRX
    • 85 Honda CRX
    • 18 Honda Civic Type R
    • 16 Honda Civic Type R
    • Ford Focus RS
    • 19 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
    • Subaru WRX STI
    • Volkswagon Golf MK7
    • 12 Ford Fiesta
  • The car MUST be Custom Painted and Lubed
    • Visit YouTube or articles on this site for information on how to custom paint cars and lube them
    • No Stock Paint. We want to show off cars that are unique from what everyone usually sees.
  • You CAN drill out the rivets if you like in order to get a better paint job on the car
  • No Wheel swaps/modifications, other modifications, added material or weight allowed; Custom Paint and lube only
  • No obscene content on the cars


** No longer accepting cars **


  • 621 Track: This is what WeRaceDiecast was started on. It is a Hot Wheels 6 lane leads too an open single lane. '6' lanes '2' '1' open lane.
  • There and Back Track: This uses the Hot Wheels 6 lane and it goes into a 2 lane crash racer straight away. It then makes a 180 degree turn and that opens up into a coroplast lane to the finish.
  • Clutch Mountain: This is our Custom Diorama Track. It is our baby. :) It is made mostly of crash racers pieces and features many turns and straight aways.

Race format and scoring

This format will be based on the number of entries. We will max out at 72 entries. If we recieve more than 72 cars, we will have to run a qualifying round in order to get down to 72. The cars that don't qualify will be featured in their own tournament seperate to this tournament.

The tournament will be run in 4 rounds similiar to the Small Trucks tournament.

  • Round 1: On the 621 track in groups of 6, 6 points based races. Top 4 will advance on to the next round. (round starts with 72 cars)
  • Round 2: On the There and Back Track in groups of 4, 4 points based races. Top 2 will advance to next round (round starts with 48 cars)
  • Round 3: Also on the There and Back Track in group of 6, 6 points based races. Top 4 will advance to next round (round starts with 24 cars)
  • Round 4: On Clutch Mountain. This will be a 16 car bracket tournament. groups of 4, 4 points based races, top 2 advance on, until we have a champion.


Drivers must follow the rules for this tournament, any deviates will be DQ'd. In addition, if a car doesn't roll straight, or is damaged it will also be DQ'd. There weren't any issues with the Small Trucks and I suspect there won't be any issues here.


We did top 3 prizes with Small Trucks. This time we will be doing the same. If you are a driver sign up or international driver you are still elligible for a prize. Top 3 will recieve a prize package, that hasn't been fully decided at this time. Top 3 will also recieve a number of the cars that were in the tournament.

  • 1st place: Will get a Prize Pack and the top 16 cars from the tournament
  • 2nd place: Will get a Prize Pack and the 17-32 cars from the tournament
  • 3rd place: will get a Prize Pack and the 33-48 cars from the tournament


 We will be partnering up with Merch by Meekin (

They are famous for their metal signs/stands for diecast racing tracks. They will be contributing a prize pack for 1st-3rd place. The prize pack will contain a trophy, Koozie and a number of signs/stands for each prize winner. In addition, all participants will get a 20% off discount code for their Merch. and Finally viewers will also get to take advantage of a discount with 10% off during the event!


The Small Truck Tournament was by far my favorite tournament that we have ran on our channel. We appreciate all the people who participated and enjoyed the content and helped to make it the tournament it was. We plan to run an Entry Level Mail In Tournament every year, so we hope to continue to see you guys participating. We hope that you guys have fun with this tournament and look forward to kicking it off!


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Big_Mac 3/12/21

I will be sending one in.

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MoparMAC 3/12/21

I'm down! 

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GoldenOwl 3/12/21

You can count me in!

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pupulesurfer 3/12/21

Sending one to make room for others!

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Scoupe 3/12/21

I intend on fielding a ride! 

2 for me please 

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Coopdevil 3/13/21

Count me in, quite happy to send a car in from the UK. 

  • Nice! Another international car on its way! :) — WeRaceDiecast
  • Race you there Coop :P i'm up in Scotland — CapperDeluxe
View member profile
CapperDeluxe 3/13/21

yeah i'm up for this one , one question are we allowed custom Waterslides?

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Big_Al 3/13/21

I'll be there.  Are you allowing Color Shifters if they are still stock?

  • Well I don't want to change the rules now that I have posted them, but I don't think its much of an advantage when speaking about the Audacious Color Shifter. I think the color shifter version is 'lighter' in weight as well, so its a trade off. — WeRaceDiecast
  • but yes you can use color shifters. — WeRaceDiecast

I've just been getting into this whole die cast racing and modding recently. If I can find one of the approved castings I'll send one in from Canada. 


While I would have liked the Focus RS, one of these A-Class is going to be the lucky car. 

  • Sounds good and hope you can find something! If you can't, you can join our Facebook group: WeRaceDiecast. When I get around to custom painting some cars, I'll be posting driver sign ups for international drivers who are unable to send cars in. — WeRaceDiecast
  • Ya I don't see the Focus RS's around much. but there is a bit of time before the races will start, so there is still time to find one maybe :) — WeRaceDiecast
  • Found another of the silver, so looking like 3 A-Class I'll be sending in. — The_Mr_Christie
  • sounds good! look forward to seeing the cars! — WeRaceDiecast
  • Going to be my first time doing custom paint. — The_Mr_Christie
  • watch some youtube tutorials and do a couple practice cars and you will get the hang of it. It gets fun real quick and don't let little errors hang u up we all have been there. — WeRaceDiecast
  • I have a Jaguar Project 8 apart already to try working on. — The_Mr_Christie
  • Going out in the morning — The_Mr_Christie
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Uncle_Elvis 3/13/21

Looking forward to this 

  • Nice! I love this casting! They look sweet stock as well! — WeRaceDiecast

Can I still send a car in ? 

  • You can, please read the entire page so you don't miss any of the details and rules. — WeRaceDiecast

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