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The Hatchback Tournament (Entry Level Style)

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RLoRacing 3/14/21

In for 3

I'm in for two.

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CapperDeluxe 3/17/21

And Done.  hope it does better with your race than i did in the Rookie Rally

  • Looking good! I like that Grey and Red combination — WeRaceDiecast
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Coopdevil 3/17/21

Mine are done. Very quick and dirty paint jobs on these - didn't even dismantle them, and then just brushpainted Tamiya over some black primer having masked the wheels and glazing.

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CapperDeluxe 3/17/21

@ WeRaceDiecast  i was Thinking and Just an idea but 

We did top 3 prizes with Small Trucks. This time we will be doing the same. If you are a driver sign up or international driver you are still elligible for a prize. Top 3 will recieve a prize package, that hasn't been decided at this time. Top 3 will also recieve a number of the cars that were in the tournament.

1st place: Will get a Prize Pack and the top 16 cars from the tournament
2nd place: Will get a Prize Pack and the 17-32 cars from the tournament
3rd place: will get a Prize Pack and the 33-48 cars from the tournament 

Seems odd  i wonder if 1s 2nd and 3rd would rather :
1st 1st +4th -18th
2nd 2nd + 19th - 33rd
3rd  3rd + 34th - 48th
 then they prize recievers can immortalise their car if desired , i highly doubt i'll be one of hem bu i know if i was i'd love to get my winning car back 

anyway Just a thought, your Tournament , your rules , merely offering food for thought

  • I'm a little torn I do like the idea of top 3 retaining their cars. But I think of the cars as a side 'perk'. and really I want first place to have the complete set of top cars. Thanks for the suggestion though, it did make me think on it a bit. — WeRaceDiecast

I found these two in my colection, would they be suitable for the tourney?

  • While it's up to @weracediecast the Focus might. The Impreza isn't a hatchback. — The_Mr_Christie
  • Ya we chatted already about this. but both are a no go. Only the castings listed are available for this tournament. But a lot of them are current and can be found. Thanks for asking before sending them in though. Also those are too pretty stock to strip the paint off and custom paint lol — WeRaceDiecast
  • Nickel plated axles on those guys. You should find a stock tournament to send those to and see how they perform — Uncle_Elvis
  • That Focus does pretty well, one of the first FTEs I ever collected — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/19/21
Site manager

If there's still room in this, I'd like to enter 2 cars; one for me and one for my kid.

  • Of course. the deadline date for cars to be in is still TBD. — WeRaceDiecast
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Spirit_Of_64 3/20/21

I had so much fun with the small trucks, I'm down for three hatches!

  • Sounds good! Look forward to seeing what you come up with this time! — WeRaceDiecast
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pupulesurfer 3/21/21

Berry Pi 2.0 is on its way!! In honor of my wife's first car (Focus) that was tragically totalled 5 years ago!

  • Nice, I think this is my favorite casting out of the ones available. Love that decal on the roof! — WeRaceDiecast
  • Thanks! It is a similar decal she had on the original car too! — pupulesurfer
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DamDiecast 3/28/21

I will be sending a fast back hatchback from South West Florida !!

  • Looking forward to getting it! What casting did you decide on? — WeRaceDiecast
  • I’m planning entering 3, 2 Honda’s and a Subaru. — DamDiecast
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KCLH_Racing 3/29/21

If this is still open, I would love to join.  Was able to finally get to the store and find the hatchbacks on the list.  I have 3 cars to send.


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Crazy_Canuck 3/30/21

Dude, The EH-Team would love to send a trio for this

  • Ya man! No need to request or reserve, while we are accepting cars you can send in! Look forward to seeing your trio! — WeRaceDiecast

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