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The Hatchback Tournament (Entry Level Style)

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RaSung0d79x 4/2/21

I'm in for 2!

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RaSung0d79x 4/3/21

Also: can we sand the wheels?

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Dadvball 4/3/21

Can you please put me in for 2?

  • Nice looking forward to getting them in. No need to request or reserve. I need to update with a deadline date for cars to be in. But plenty of time for sure. — WeRaceDiecast

I want to join with 1 entry

  • Yes sir! We are accepting cars now! No need to pre-register. — WeRaceDiecast

Quick Update:

Officially added the DEADLINE date to get cars in as May 30th! So Plenty of time. Also, we will have a tentative start date for races on June 30th!

Looking forward to getting your cars in!

  • cool is that just after your DIRS leg ? — CapperDeluxe
  • It should be or at least starting towards the end of it. I plan on running 2 videos a week during DIRS. so DIRS and something of my own, but not sure how it all lines up. Super excited for DIRS to come here though! — WeRaceDiecast
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Big_Al 4/6/21

I've got my entries ready.  I'm really hoping to make it out of the first round with at least one of em this time...

  • Nice! Love the styling on the '16', starting to feel recognizable now! — WeRaceDiecast
  • For sure! I got some decals from Josh at Rust Belt and they look fantastic! No more shaky hand painted 16s for me! — Big_Al
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BiffKirbySr 4/9/21

I'm definitely sending 1 car maybe 2 messaged you on YouTube earlier. Thanks for the response. 

  • Nice and glad you made it here! Get ready this will be a fun one. — WeRaceDiecast
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Coopdevil 4/9/21

My Scooby and Focus have gone into the airmail today.


  • Sweet! I post all cars that come in on Facebook, so look out for it to show up soon! — WeRaceDiecast
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UncleBuster 4/9/21

Greetings to all! I just joined, so in the spirit of jumping straight into the deep end, I'll be sending in two fau vays.

Uncle Buster 

  • Sounds good! Looking forward to getting your Rides in! — WeRaceDiecast

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