Build Journal: The Lotta Speed Strip

LottaSpeedRacing Monday, 2/12/2024

Hey, this is a build journal of the Lotta Speed Strip.


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FredD 2/12/24

good luck!

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JBlotner42 2/12/24

That's a good start!

  • Hey, Ozark Mountain! Thanks! The left lane was going up too much, so I put some super glue down there too keep them both down — LottaSpeedRacing

The paper mache coating is all done, now I can start on the painting part

I just started painting, and it is almost done. I'll send pictures on the finished painted product.

Two cars hitting the tees at the end:

  • These cars are my Stingray Convertible, 'The Reverend' and my '82 Cadillac Seville. — LottaSpeedRacing

I'v decided to paint my track grey. It's not done yet, but will be soon. I am using acrylic, and I've already done 1/2 lanes. What I did was get a chisle sponge brush, and did it very bumpy and rough, then my 2nd layer, I got an actual smooth bristle brush and did it over the rough stuff.

I thought that the tees would be a good way to stop cars. This keeps the vehichles not too damaged (The worst that has ever happened to me with theese so far is about 1/150 sq in. of paint removed), it's loud sound also helps to see who won.

I have been thinking of inserting the tees on the sides in the 'grass,' then putting a rubber band across the two so that way the cars will just bounce back, no damage, just a bit harder to declare who wins.

The grey painted track:

Am working on the background now!

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