Digging up the old RLD live blog

redlinederby Wednesday, 12/2/2020
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Back when I was running the Redline Derby Fantasy League (circa 2012-2014), I tried to live-blog the racing since streaming and instant video was less than easy. I used Tumblr to quick post photos and commentary while I was racing. I thought it was pretty cool at the time but it really didn't pan out like I had hoped...anyway...in doing some web domain clean-up, I found that the old Tumblr is (surprisingly) still up and active. Go figure.

So if you're interested in what Redline Derby was doing 10 years ago, here's a little window into that world. My how things have changed...and not changed...

Relive the Redline Derby Tumblr live blog


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Mattman213 12/2/20

Thats a cool archive to have around!


  • Is pretty fun to see all those old photos. I used to do so much racing every week, it was nuts. Funny how much you could get done before kids, huh? — redlinederby
  • YES!!!!!! My Son has gotten me back into HotWheels for sure but I had many many many other hobbies before he came along that ground to a halt. Luckily we both enjoy this one so we can do it together and have a great time! — Mattman213
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