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The Wheelie Big Race!

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Kingjester 5/24/23

Man the competition is looking fierce,it's certainly a bit intimidating as a newcomer to be facing off against much more established competitors but hey I'm gonna give it my best shot

  • This should be fun…I can’t wait to get it underway! — Crazy_Canuck
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dr_dodge 5/24/23

the is a tough looking bunch of cars

I am excited to see this go down!

good luck! 

  • Yes good luck to you as well,that gremlin looks real nice.We shall see if that suspension helps it out come race time — Kingjester
  • winning, or spectacular wrecks, that is the question — dr_dodge
  • Wrecking is all part of racing! Looking good is up to you…lol — Crazy_Canuck
  • Suspension? you are a beast Dr.! — G_ForceRacing
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Crazy_Canuck 5/24/23

  • Whaaat? That looks like old school "Peechee" illustrating on that machine!? THAT is very cool and original! A lot of builders are such great artists!! — G_ForceRacing

Oh yeah! A lot of grat looking cars! Verry cool! Can't wait to see them race! Good luck everybody!

Better late than never...Georgio driving Mr.Prichard had landed at the Heights...

  • Woohoo! I hope Mr. Pritchard's neck is gonnas be ok! Had to step on it!! — G_ForceRacing
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Crazy_Canuck 6/23/23

Have a Wheelie Good Friday!!!

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Crazy_Canuck 7/14/23

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Crazy_Canuck 7/21/23

happy Friday! Get it while it's HOT!!!

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