Ties with the 3D Botmaker 2 lane finish line

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 7/15/2017

Will in fact register a tie, both lanes 1 and 2 will light up simultaneously...very cool when it happened!!! 1/4 Mile Club is over and we are racing like maniacs. Wife's are upstairs with wine....we are down with beer...and racing!!!


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redlinederby 7/15/17
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Yeah, I've had a few ties as well on my 4-lane 3DBM finish line. Pretty exciting when that happens.

Get a photo of your race crew...make us all jealous ;P

They just bugged out, their son came and picked them up....I thought about snapping some photos, it was a blast to say the least. The Wife's raced for about an hour earlier on then took the vino upstairs for a movie. I will document the next race night for sure!!!!

Perhaps a new on going thread? Race night in America with photos? I think that would be very cool...a face tied to the user name.

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