Tom McEwen T-Shirts

JDC442 Thursday, 3/7/2024

My wife has a booth in our local antique store and is now quite the picker. She recently found a collection of Drag Racing T-shirts - a lot are still in the orginal plastic.  I don't know a lot about the drag racing circuit but when I saw the Tom McEwen Mongoose T's, I thought it would be cool to post them as it's related to Hot Wheels.

The guy she got them from even had this cool Mongoose plaque that is now in my Hot Wheel room with my 1977 1/64 version.


There is a Mongoose & Snake movie available to stream on YouTube (other sources too I'm sure) that tells the story of the drag racers and signing a deal with Hotwheels.   

cool memorabilia! I loved that era... my brother and I raced our snake and mongoose alot!

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dr_dodge 3/7/24

amazing stuff!

the golden era of racing


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