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"Top 3 Turvy"

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Sneaky_Bob 1/3/24

I would like to enter this tournament.

2 entries please

I'll be sending 2 cars your way.

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StarCorps 1/4/24

[Corporate Racing Greed Intensifies] 



... Thats it. Thats the whole story. 

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MrDarq 1/4/24

In for two please!! 

  • You can't have an event like this without Darq in it. — BayCityDiecast

I'd like to get in

Woho! Sounds great! I would like to get in for 2 please!

  • Alright but I'm squashing this it pronounced Shotty, or Scotty? Either way, happy to finally have you. Seen your name everywhere else but here. — BayCityDiecast
  • LoL!!! Finally someone who asks ;) It‘s Shotty but wirh a real hard Sh ; but at work i‘m used to Scotty to;) I‘m really happy that it worked out that i can send a car to your track! — Schottys_diecast
  • Lmao!! Is the Sh so sharp that it’s almost like Ch like chotty? — BayCityDiecast
  • I can relate. Some people pronounce Lobotomy as "Lobo Tommy." I don't like wolves and I'm not the Pinball Wizard. — LobotomyScam
  • ;) yeah ;) could it be that a lot of people have no clue what a lobotomie is? — Schottys_diecast
  • ROFL — G_ForceRacing

I'd like to submit two cars for this please.

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CraigsterSr 1/4/24

I'll send a pair your way!

I would like to enter 2 castings if possible. 

I am in, I will throw 2 more cars on my table and get working on them.


I will gladly send 2!

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