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"Top 3 Turvy"

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KJ_Drift 4/22/24

I would love to join!

  • What's up! We'd love to have you! What are you thinking about sending? — BayCityDiecast

Can I get in

Can I get in

  • YO! You're in my man! Just DM for the address. Glad to have you! — BayCityDiecast

Have a partial work area back .. Would love in on this!  let me know!  


  • Yeah man just DM me for the address when you're ready. Stoked to have you have you back. — BayCityDiecast
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AbbyNormal 5/2/24

Boy I would like to get a modified Matchbox and a Hot Wheels on your track - but I understand if you're full. 

  • Hey AbbyNormal! Nah, we’re never full. Feel free to send a couple. It’ll be a bit of a wait, but you’ll get your shot. ???? — BayCityDiecast

I'd like to enter, thanks in advance.

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KJ_Drift 5/15/24

Sign me up for 2

Entering Late! In for 2 please!

Hello, new here if it's not too late I'd like to send two

  • Hey Joyful! Nope not too late! Please send me a direct message for the address. Thanks! — BayCityDiecast

Thanks! This one will be heading out west, along with a McLaren Speedtail!

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