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"Top 3 Turvy"

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Count me in for two please!

Not got both built yet, but sounds like I'll have time given how long the queue is!

  • About time! Is that how long word takes to travel to that continent? ???? Happy to have to bud. 704 Stonebridge Way, Pleasant HillCA, 94523 — BayCityDiecast
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Mayfield41 3/27/24

I will build 2. 

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Foursix 3/27/24

I'll build for this!

New phone who dis?  LMAO!!!  What's the shipping for you from there buddy?

704 Stonebridge Way

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Kingshark 4/2/24

Ya know what sign me up. I've never raced on your channel, maybe its time to branch out

Two will probably be coming your way

I'm definitely down for this! I'll be sending 2 in!

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AndyMan7 4/13/24

456ix Crew, jumping on board. 

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