Tornado Alley Speedway Build Journal

SinisterGrackle Friday, 7/26/2019

Just testing out the track before I start the full on build. Figured I’d use a couple of famous cars for the “initial” run.

In Lane 1, we have Keisuke Takahashi in his Mazda RX-7 FD vs. the legendary, Fujiwara Tofu Shop Toyota AE86 delivery car driven by Takumi Fujiwara in Lane 2.

No drifting down the corners of Mt. Akina here, just a straight up 1/4 mile!

Video soon.


Looking forward to the build!!!

Ran in to my first hiccup with the finish gate. The Max Traxxx Electronic Finish Gate works quite well with most diecasts, no matter the brand. However, the lower profile castings, such as a Hot Wheels Drifsta or a Tomica RX-7 FD, have a difficult time triggering the lane light.

The simple solution looks to be adding a little length to the gate paddles. Hopefully this modification won’t stop the car dead in its tracks. Here’s to hoping that 3DBotMaker starts making his two and four lane finish gates again!

  • Share whatever modifications you try on those lane paddles. — redlinederby
  • You got it! Hopefully I’ll be able to play around with it this evening. — SinisterGrackle

Playing around with edits, this is by no means what a real race will look like. I need to get my GoPros back from the people I loaned them to so I can get a good, multi-camera shoot.

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