Toyota Off Road Truck

RobertBcfc Wednesday, 8/7/2019

I find the High Speed Racing Wheels version of this to be really fast and able to compete with some real big hitters, but I haven’t got any others.

The latest versions seem to have been raised to the point they probably wouldn’t fit the 6 lane track?  But, are there any other versions that you may have come across that are quick?

Looking forward to seeing what’s out there



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WorpeX 8/8/19

Honestly haven't found a reason to try any others. The HSW version is a nickel plated axel so it should be the fastest, theoretically.

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RobertBcfc 8/8/19

Thanks - the HSW one has to be one of the most underrated models of all, not sure if yours is the same but mine really goes?

I always think special models such as FTEs or HSWs must be selected for a reason, like the mainline versions that precede them being fast.  I’d hoped there might be a truck out there I hadn’t spotted that might have been the inspiration for the HSW one.

  • Sure is, mine is rank #18 on my track right now. Its really the only High-Speed Wheel car that can compete with FTEs on my track. — WorpeX
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