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redlinederby Sunday, 11/13/2011
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One of the best things about the Redline Derby track design is its portability. It easily folds up for quick storage and transfer. However, that can also be one of the downsides because every time I deconstruct my track it obviously has to be put back together and that can mean the track needs some calibration of sorts every time.

Since I don't have any fancy electronic timing stuff (yet), my solution to this problem is taking two of the same model car every time I put the track up, and do 20 races. 10 races with A in lane 1, then 10 races with A in lane 2. I log the results and observe the finishes to make sure things are relatively consistent. If one lane seems to be favoring, I adjust and inspect the track and adjust accordingly, then re-race.

Even with the same model car, one should be faster than the other, so my attitude is that along as that car stays faster and keeps winning by the approximate same distance each time, then the track is fair and ready to handle some league races where results matter.

Beyond just sharing part of my process, wondering how others "calibrate" their track...with or without timers.


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Nightstalker 11/13/11

My "Judge" finish gate has a timer and I also keep a level with the track. A couple of my cars are considered calabration tools.
Kory aka Nightstalker

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WorpeX 11/13/11

I don't worry so much about calibrating. I have a track rule of, "you need to win 2 races in a row" in order to clench the match. Since after each races the lanes are switched, this basically means you need to win on both of the lanes in order to win. Usually the lanes are fine and most matches are decided by just 2 races. Sometimes though, if the matches are close enough, this means races can go upwards of 10 races long before a winner is finally decided. Its exciting when they're that close though, so i don't mind!

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