Track support in used by Races and Fun?

banjosomers Friday, 10/13/2023

Does anyone here know what the building toy used as a track support in the channel Races and Fun? I have asked them several times over the years and never got a response. I've searched with every search syntax I can think of and haven't seen it or a 3d print file. 


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StrayDog 10/13/23

They look like K'Nex to me

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SpyDude 10/13/23

Sent him a couple of messages. He's seen them but not responded to them.
I'd go with K/Nex.

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banjosomers 10/13/23

They def are not Knex. I am quite familiar with those. At this point I just wanna know because I can't figure it out lol. 

I wonder if he's 3d printing them but just hasn't shared the file. 

  • -shrugs- He ain't answering, so I'm going with what it looks lke to me. — SpyDude
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AP3_Diecast 10/14/23

I have several k'nex sets and he's definitely using those.  They do make 2 sizes, he's using the larger of the two.  The only thing I'm not familiar with is on some sections he's using a joint that I have not seen, it could just be from newer sets as all of mine are older, or perhaps a custom 3D print.  But other than that everything else looks like the larger stock k'nex and joints to me.  I'm not sure if he's connecting the track to the sections or just laying them in there.  I have seen factory pieces to join them to Legos, but not orange track.  It looks like he does some 3D printing so it could be a custom piece too.

  • Thank you! People have been wondering about this for quite a while now, so it's nice to have some solid information. — SpyDude
  • Sorry, I should have checked some more recent videos, he is also using a set of supports that do not look like K'nex. Its been a little while since Ive watched some of his races. So back to the drawing I guess. — AP3_Diecast
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