Track Update - Piston Junction nearing completion.

StarCorps Saturday, 11/4/2023

I have been hard at work, if slowly - and heres where I'm at with the track right now. I'm getting the diorama built out. Soon, I'll be asking you to send in cars to race the Wastelands of the Southwest. 


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FredD 11/4/23

Looking good so far!


Nice Track, looking Great! Fun to finally be able to build Scenery after Dialing in track. I kept changing and tweaking till I was Greatly happy with the running of Stock and Modded cars. Finally had to Stop expanding and Run with the Length. Scenery and Placement of static Cameras next. can't wait to see your progress!

  • Thanks kindly! I'm looking forward to getting it in shape where I can run races to learn the best ways to edit the footage. — StarCorps

We'll be waiting to send some rides over.

...just send the word.

Thanks for getting into the build details and showcasing the theme.  There's a lot I really love!  E.x. The junkyard, the crashed airplane, combustion corner, the parking area... it's so apocalyptic!  I'm waiting for Dennis Hopper to appear.  Loved that actor, RIP.  I look forward to sending cars my friend.

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