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Phil_NWA1 9/6/23

Just received my first newsletter and really enjoyed it as it lists some great articles to read, very convenient and gives me a reminder to take some time out and see what others are doing in the community.

Thank you 

  • Thanks, glad it got there and had some stuff you could use. — redlinederby

Great site and a great first newsletter.
Always enjoy looking for new ideas / information on how to improve. 
Enjoying the diecast community just struggling with speed on the track ..

Keep the newsletters coming !!

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dr_dodge 9/6/23

got mine too,

looks good so far


Even though it was Chaos Canyon's response that was mentioned, it was fun seeing my article in the Newsletter.


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dr_dodge 9/6/23

Great job on the first newsletter!

"real location schedules" for the news letter?

car deadlines?

(so we can all experience that oh, shap!  lol)

keep it up!

love it here


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redlinederby 9/6/23
Site manager

Thanks for all the feedback, please keep it coming!

Related to Doc's thoughts on including more information about the thing I wrestled with in the newsletter was the right balance of information. I didn't want to overload the thing and just duplicate the website but at the same time, it needs to be enough info to be useful.

I'm also interested in hearing thoughts on the tone of the newsletter. I put a lot of my own commentary and voice in it rather than just a "print out" of all the links and stories...mostly because I like newsletters like that and it's fun for me to write. But I realize it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Anyhoo...I'll play with the recipe a bit and see what the next issue does.

Nice job on the newsletter Mate! Very well done indeed...


F'D Racing

  • Thanks...still figuring stuff out but glad you find it helpful. — redlinederby

I used to used screws, but now I JB Weld the car together.... 2 reasons....

#1- noticed I can use the JB Weld to add small amounts of weight evenly over the base of the car.

#2- my race cars are one and done.... loser or winner it's had its time, now I retire that car. Thinking that when you screw, too easy to just rebuild (repaint & touch up) a winner and send it to several races, kinda a lazy way to build in my opinion. I don't even want the option of trying to cannibalize cars for parts, I start from scratch with every car. To me, that is the challenge, not finding that one casting, or those same wheels to use over and over to win, but to find one car, build it ground up...... win or loose

  • I think that is a great approach to the hobby! But I prefer E6000 as an adhesive. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • I have no problem rebuilding a car from a previous race, because it is not the same car. — dr_dodge


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