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redlinederby Monday, 8/28/2023
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The new RLD Newsletter will be delivered every other week and include recaps of the recent discussions, events, highlights, and links from Redline Derby and the world of competitive diecast racing.

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The first newsletter will go out the week of September 4th.

Worth a shot

I'm giving this newsletter thing a shot. My spider sense tells me an email might be more useful and convenient for a lot of folks than just social media blasts.

Personally, I prefer email rather than social messaging...I just check my mail more often, so I figured there's probably a few others like me that can take advantage. Plus, a newsletter can act as more of a reference than a daily Facebook or Instagram post that disappears without much care.

The meat of the newsletters will recap new topics, trending discussions, upcoming events, race results, and anything interesting that was shared over the previous couple weeks. How beefy the newsletter is will depend on what's been happening...some weeks might be less, some more. It just depends.

My hope is to send out the newsletter every other week. I don't think there's enough "news" or changes in the hobby to warrant a weekly send, but the schedule can change if the demand is there.

This is kind of an experiement but one I think can work, so please give it a chance and subscribe. And if you don't dig it after a while, you can always unsubscribe.

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Looking forward to it. Thank you for all you do for the sport/ hobby

  • Thanks, appreciate it. We'll see how it goes! — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 8/28/23

great idea!


Cool! Thanks, Brian!

This is a great idea I will print them out and keep a binder for racing.

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Crazy_Canuck 8/28/23

Sweet beans!!! Spam I will actually read!!! LoL

Sweet! Thanks for your hard work!!

I try to keep up with the medias of social but as you said, things can slip through the cracks. A Newsletter will make sure i miss nothing. Thanks

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Go_Time 8/30/23

Subscribed...even tho I haven't raced in a while I look forward to seeing whats going on in the hobby. Thanks Brian.

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Phil_NWA1 8/31/23

A newsletter is a great idea, really appreciate the time and effort you put into all this 

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LobotomyScam 8/31/23

That's a great idea! I have a couple of social media accounts that I only use a few times a year. A recap of the latest action, listings of newsworthy new tracks, best new tech ideas, etc. sent through email is a great way to reach the people.

Sadly, it's easy to take for granted all you've done setting up RLD and now this newsletter.  THANK YOU!!! -Mark H. (GTR)

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redlinederby 9/6/23
Site manager

Quick note that the first newsletter is going out today and should be delivered by this evening if all goes well. 

it's a first attempt and will only get better but please leave your thoughts, ideas, dislikes, and other feedback. Thanks!

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