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When: Saturday, May 7, 2016

This will be raced at the C4 meeting in May.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Weight maximum 57 grams
  • Size restrictions; fits on Dragtracks
  • Cars per entrant; 1 (one tuner OR one muscle car)
  • Real-life vehicles only
  • FTEs allowed
  • Stock cars allowed
  • Dry lubes only


A modified 40's Woodie with 2005 FTEs (100+ grams in weight).

How to enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

$6 shipping fee

Where to send your cars

Alexander Thoopsamoot

8587 Jayhawk Terrace 401

Manassas, VA 20110

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 05/07/2016

Scoring and Winning

Winner of each round must win in both lanes. Tuners race against muscles for each round.


Any car that fails to meet the requirements will be adjusted to meet the requirements or scrapped for parts.

Tracks & Dates

  • May 7, Maryland - Tracksurgeon

Winners and Results


does tuner mean one tun trucks ?
Import compact cars and sedans (like JDM)

Hello Tracksurgen:  Could you please post a pic ( close up ) of the starting gate.  Looking for width and the drop polls.  Thx   Voxxer

The track is the same C4 track.

The Tuner vs. Muscle race is no longer a WTA tournament. If anyone is also interested in C4's Treasure Hunt race be sure to send in a carded Treasure Hunt and $1 entry fee.

Car mailed today

1 tuner, a Mitsubishi Evolution, was sent in to race. The muscle car it will race against will most likely be a stock vehicle. I'll film the race tomorrow.

Also, would you like the car to be raced in Run Whatcha' Brung?


My mother has become crippled whereas I'm not able to go to the C4 meeting. However, I do have a track that's about as tall and as long as the C4 track which uses standard HW track but has no starting and finish gates.

The race has been postponed to the next C4 meeting in May to allow time for other entries as there is currently only one Tuner entry. Would anyone like to enter a muscle car for this race?

Would anyone else like to enter this race? More entries = more prizes.

Yes I will enter a tuner and Muscle car. What date do you need them by? 

WOO Racing!

When it's mailed be sure it arrives before May 6.

I have a "tuner" that I'll try to get ready for this race.

My Flying Javelin is in the mail......

Nice one!

Sorry, won't be able to get my entry done in time. I used the metal body from a mainline and a metal base from the "color changers".

Killer paint!

I missed the mail in deadline. Sorry.

The Flying Javelin has arrived in the mail. It will be racing against Voxxer01's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Results ??

I'll post the video results once it gets uploaded on YouTube.

Might I make a suggestion ??  I would post the results from your last race, before posting a new one.  Just a thought. 

Here is the official results. The track's start and finish started bugging in the middle.

are you stepping on the pedal? ... i spliced a pushbutton switch in and ran it with my thumb...
maybe use a phone cable so you need not cut your pedal wires...
I used the pedal but it was very worn out.

Voxxer01 has won the Tuners and Muscles race with his Mitsubishi Evolution. Congratulations!

Congrats Voxxer01 ......this was my first race.
Thanks. Very close race. Keep it up !!

Entries will be sent back sometime next week.

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