Sunday, June 2nd, 2024
Hosted by Polo Racing
Marco_Polo Sunday, 5/5/2024

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The Lancer Evolution has gained such a fame for being fast at all tracks around the world. It has been street raced, rally raced and dragstrip raced, but let's ask ourselves...who has the best one? Wich builder can come up with a version capable of excell in those three disciplines and be dominant on all three of them ?
Well the quest has begun and on this tournament we'll be chasing the "ULTIMATE EVO " a tournament that will cover those three disciplines.
First stage the dragstrip, a NO STEEP 1/8 mile track so good rolling capabilites are a must.
Second stage the rally course, and this is a good one 16 drivers will travel to Shavano Mountain to compete and get a spot on the semifinals.
Third stage 8 drivers will battle for getting a spot on the finals at La Caridura Racetrack.


Rules & restrictions

  • Stock and modified entries allowed
  • 60g maximum weight
  • 3.25in. long x 2in. tall x 1.25in. wide
  • Limit 1 entry per household
  • Retail axles and wheels only. FTE/NPA axles allowed.
  • Dry lube only
  • No modifications to the car body , must be stock.
  • No visible weights 
  • Tinted Windows are ok.
  • Any color tire is ok , wagon wheels are allowed.
  • Vehicles must fit Hot Wheels orange track. 

Dates & deadlines

All entries must be received by the host before Saturday, 6/1/2024. Racing is scheduled for Sunday, 6/2/2024. Results will be posted on or after that date as is convenient for the host.

How to enter

Contact the tournament host to get the shipping address for entry.

Include at least $8.00 for return shipping if you want your entries back. Entries not getting returned will stay at the track for video background purposes. 

Include a Race Entry ID slip with your entry



Race format and scoring

It is going to be a 32 car field, there will not be a qualifying round, brackets will be determined upon arrival order .

Stage one: This will be a single-elimination tournament. A car will move on in the bracket only when it wins two races out of three. Cars will alternate lanes between each race. Field will be cut down to 16 cars.

Second stage: Will be held at Shavano Mountain,  4 laps races , 5,3,2,1,0 scoring system with a bonus point for jumping over the train. Best two scores will move on to next stage. Field will be cut down to 8 cars.

Third stage: There will be  two 4 laps races , scoring system 5,3,2,1,0, top two scores will move on to the finals.

Fourth stage: Final 4 drivers will battle on a 8 lap race to determine who built the "ULTIMATE EVO " . Scoring system same ss the previous stage.

Thecar that wins the final race will be declared the winner. Race host has final decision in all races.

Bracket seeding will be random.


Cars are given a grace of 1g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the restrictions listed above, the car will not qualify for victory. Offending cars will still race. Finish position and any prize will go to the runner-up in the case of the penalty car winning.

Cars that fail to run or fit on the track, or that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches. Cars that arrive broken will attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. Cars that break during racing will not be repaired or replaced.


1.  Cloaked After Dark - RECEIVED 

2. Gravity Throtle Racing -RECEIVED 

3. Jonabi  - RECEIVED 

4. Marco Polo -RECEIVED 

5. Numbskull

6. StrayDog -RECEIVED 

7. Kingjester - RECEIVED 

8. MQHracing-RECEIVED 

9. Crazy Canuck -RECEIVED 

10. RaSungod -RECEIVED 

11. BlueLineRacing-RECEIVED 

12. Dutch_Clutch_Racing -RECEIVED 

13. Stoopid_fish_Racing -RECEIVED 

14. Papa _Pugsley -RECEIVED 

15. DogSquabRacing -RECEIVED 

16. Milestone Racing-RECEIVED 

17. Iceman _Racing -RECEIVED 

18. Lacueva Racing-RECEIVED 

19. Uncle_Elvis -RECEIVED 


21. KJ_Drift

22. Spirit_Of_64 RECEIVED 

23. BD_Racing -RECEIVED 

24. PuffRacing - RECEIVED 

25. ManiacMotorsport

26. EnZedRacing - RECEIVED 

27. Flip81 -RECEIVED 

28. Fat_Dad - RECEIVED 

29. Bolo Brown -RECEIVED 

30. VariatSkunkworks - RECEIVED 

31. Sneaky Bob 

32. CraigsterSR -RECEIVED 


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Numbskull 5/5/24

Count me in please.

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StrayDog 5/5/24

I'd like a spot!

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Kingjester 5/5/24

I'm in but it says entries are due by May 1st, didnt may 1st already pass?

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MQHracing 5/5/24

Mqh racing wants in please sir

Dude...let's do this... im in

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RaSungod 5/5/24

Ra is ready to rumble, Evo style!


  • You're in !!! — Marco_Polo
  • Wait....I didn't see you had entered! That Evo on R&F was a bloody rocket!! Looks like I'm fighting for the silver medal :-) — EnZedRacing

I'd like a spot.

Sign me up!

It is a tight window but I am in if you have room.

May I enter please? 

I'd like a shot if there's still a spot available

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