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I would like a spot. 

Hey all, Will Power here! I got one of those and I'm gonna send it when I get the chance

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Uncle_Elvis 5/5/24

In if still open

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RC_Attucks 5/5/24

Any room left?

  • Sorry for the delay... You're in!! — Marco_Polo
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KJ_Drift 5/5/24

Sign me up!

What the heck, we'll take a spot!

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BD_Racing 5/6/24

I'm in if there is still room.

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PuffsRacing 5/6/24

I want in 

Ok, I'd like to join!

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EnZedRacing 5/6/24

Im keen to get rid of an Evo!  I'll grab a spot but I'm not sure how the postage will be from NZ. 

I'll send one but put me on the "may or may not be here on time" list?

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Flip81 5/6/24

Is this full?

This is gonna be epic! ... an EVO-palooza!!!

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