Update on 3DBotMaker Products

3DBotMaker Wednesday, 6/3/2020

With the growth of the 3DBotMaker diecast racing YouTube channel, the work load between making products and making videos has become too much for this small operation. Our focus will be shifting towards making top quality racing content, and as a result, we’ll no longer be selling track accessories, at least not for the foreseeable future. I'll be releasing some of my product design files free of charge on Thingiverse, so keep a look out over the next few months.


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redlinederby 6/3/20
Site manager

I can only imagine the overhead keeping your YT channel going has with it...but it's clear that's where your passion lies and the results can't be argued. Hell, when you get mainstream coverage, that's where you focus.

It's generous of you to open source your 3D print files. Hope you don't give away too much! LOL, there's still value in those things.

I guess the heady days of racing accessories is now past.

And now I have a for-sure answer to all the email I get asking about your products!!

  • Welllll.... I do know someone else who makes great 3D printed products who might be able to pick-up a few of his popular designs! — WorpeX
  • I wish someone would start making timers and finish lines and selling them. If anyone knows someone who is please tell me how to get them — BlueLineRacing
  • I understand your pain, BlueLIne — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • I certainly wish 3D well! This is his evolution, and doing it all himself, something had to change. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

That's a pity. I would have thought that selling track accessories would be the perfect sideline to further monetise the superb videos, but you can't do everything I guess.

  • I know how long it takes me to do my videos and they aren’t up to his standard so I can see why the change plus he is probably at that tipping point where he is getting enough audience views etc that it’s worth making more — Chaos_Canyon
  • I'll tell you that printing items with a 3D printer isn't just trivial either. Yeah, there's some of the "just hit print" stuff, but most of the effort is managing the time, the printers, support, shipping...it's a lot of leg work - and I only sell 1 tiny thing! Those finish lines had some guts too, not a 1-night job. — redlinederby
  • Plus he's probably making more from YT ads than he was printing items. — redlinederby
  • I know from having my son print off 3D print items, that it is not a quick operation to do! — CutRock_R_Marc_D

don't worry we have a secret weapon

Does this mean we will get to see DAILY videos from 3D ????  

  • I doubt it, the videoing he does must take a while to be on such a high level. — gstackert
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