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Vintage Sports Car Tournament (FULL)

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Boxer has pulled into town...

  • That didn't take long! Of course, he just had to drive down the coast. Thanks for posting pictures! — TheMakersBox
  • Exactly! YW brother — G_ForceRacing
  • LoL had to be a Nice Cruise in that SweetHeart! — Bent_Rod_Racing
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Numbskull 7/18/23

Numbskull racing is on the way.

  • oh yeah, verrrry nice — G_ForceRacing
  • Sweet! The classic one under the classics! — Schottys_diecast
  • lol — Numbskull
  • — Numbskull
  • — Numbskull
  • plus, I'm 54. — Numbskull
  • ;) Great! I love the Ferrari! Great time fore these cars! — Schottys_diecast
  • Porsche Ferrari they are all red to me. — Numbskull
  • LOL. Yeah, that was the red time ;) — Schottys_diecast
  • That's why there is an "Italian Red" :) — G_ForceRacing
  • This is, after all, Tamiya TS-85 Bright Mica Red / Ferrari Red. lol. — Numbskull
  • Ha! I thought it might be... I just got Tamiya Italian Red... Looking at upcomong mods... :) — G_ForceRacing

Milestone Racing pulls in...

Blackie Mutton has arrived 

Numbskull in the house! 

Update: Time trials are done with the exception of two, a late arrival & a replacement for a lost car. (Thanks USPS!) The video is in progress. The first race video should be up soon after that!! 

  • lost shipping is my fear, I worry until I see it got to the event — dr_dodge
  • I’m hoping my car was at least relatively fast despite only weighing 29.7 grams — Kingjester
  • Am working on time trials video, time is only a late stage tiebreaker. If a tie happens the car with the highest win place gets pole, ie four 2nds = 12 pts, three wins and a dnf = 12 points. 2nd car gets pole due to 1st place win. — G_ForceRacing
  • vodka — Numbskull
  • You run on vodka @Numbskull I run on Snapple and plantain chips — Kingjester
  • vodka is better — Numbskull
  • We shall see if that effects your racing during the tournament my friend — Kingjester
  • it always does — Numbskull
  • *Stoli* — G_ForceRacing
  • vodka, too — dr_dodge

Time trials video is up!

 forgot to put this in the video! Ack!!

  • Wow, first time I'm in the top qualifiers :D — Underdogs_Unleashed
  • My apologies bro' I got your time slightly wrong... you're still in the top 10 though! — G_ForceRacing
  • Oh well, doesn't matter much, usually I'd be more like 27th or something. Still happy with 6th hahaha — Underdogs_Unleashed

Am working on 1st & 2nd race video, hopefully will be up in 1-2 days or so!! 

Just watched races 1 & 2 and so far the track seems to have a good balance of action between the competitors, this is definitely going to be a great event!

My only critique so far is when one on the cars fell off the platform after crossing the finish line. Can something additional be added to prevent further cars from tumbling off like that? If they get damaged from the impact on what appears to be a concrete floor, that could end their entry in the race.

  • Yes. My stock fell off, I'm going to nail it down. I have a carpet there to protect then plus the towel (lol) to slow them down b4 crashing into each other. :) — G_ForceRacing
  • *stick — G_ForceRacing
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dr_dodge 8/12/23

That was Fun to watch

and I almost made it to round 2!

great production so far!


  • thx bro'... yes you did great! Your car is nicely done too. Thank you for entering!! — G_ForceRacing

Update- was starting the next set of races when I had a lighting failure. I have to order a new bulb/light, so we have a slight delay while I order & wait for delivery. As soon as it gets here I'll shoot the next races, my apologies!

(later)~~ I might be able to get one at a nearby town, will update as soon as I know!

  • I don;t want to wait, will video the race tonight hopefully all will go well! Cheers!! — G_ForceRacing

Update! Qtr. finals are filmed, starting the edit process, will be uploaded soon! 

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