Website outages coming soon, maybe, probably

redlinederby Thursday, 2/16/2023
Site manager

My web host is forcing me to make some updates to the server that this site is on and I'm not exactly sure what will happen.

It's a big upgrade and I'm not very confident that RLD as-is will survive without some down time and quick, hacky fixes. Sooo...keep you fingers crossed, but if you hit the site and find it offline or just showing weird errors or anything, that's why.

Hopefully any outages will be brief and things can return to normal. I'm having to troubleshoot this like a fusebox...flip the switch and see what breaks, try to fix it, repeat. Not fun.

If you do see or experience any weirdness or issues on the site after today (2/16), please send direct mail to so that I might be able to track the bugs down and determine how serious they are.


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Numbskull 2/16/23

Good luck.  I wish I could be more helpful.  

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SpyDude 2/16/23

There's plenty of weirdness on this site already .... and that's BEFORE any technical issues. :p

Seriously, though, hope all the changes go through okay with little or no downtime.

  • lol, I hope to contribute to said weirdness.....good luck redline! — dr_dodge
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MrDarq 2/16/23

Thanks for the update!!

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Lily_the_Dog 2/16/23

Thanks for the info brother!

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GT_Diecast 2/16/23

I hope you will update the features according to the recomendations you've got. Anyways,I hope the update goes well and thanks.

  • Sadly this won't include any useful updates. This is an "oh shit" update being forced upon me with a deadline, so there's no time for anything more than band aid fixes. Sorry. — redlinederby
  • If I can keep the site working as-is after the server update I'll consider myself lucky. — redlinederby
  • God, I hope you have backups of everything on here ...... it would REALLY suck to lose all that information. — SpyDude
  • link it all to the wayback machine first? — dr_dodge
  • someone start a backup discord? — dr_dodge
  • Oh well. I just hope all the information will still be here. Losing the archives here would be like the burning of the library of Alexandria all over again. — GT_Diecast
  • thats a fact, everything I learned is in there — dr_dodge
  • I have backups, no worries. But the WayBack Machine is a fun time if you're just looking to see how the website has changed over the years. It's pretty fascinating IMO. — redlinederby

Wow. !!!  I understand the battle with technology all too well.   Haha, from the point of not understanding it in the first place.  I still feel like less than a beginner with the phone/computer usage stuff....   I feal for you Brian.   Good luck with the update. 

Maybe everyone who has uploaded stuff here that wants it saved should copy it all back to their home computer for back up safe keeping.  Could always be re uploaded back to the new and improved updated, (with band aids, haha) website. 

Will the 1:64 diecast community rally to save help save their beloved website ?? 

  • Thanks for the support but there's no need to download any copies or anything. I have everything backed up so don't waste your time. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 2/17/23
Site manager

I regularly backup the site, so no worries about losing anything. No one needs to download their data or anything like that. We're good on that front.

And just to calm any nerves, the upgrades I'm being forced to make impact how the site functions and handles data, not the data itself. The worst thing that happens is you're not able to log in or make posts until things are fixed. But I don't want that to happen at all either! Fear not, the 15 year's worth of topics, photos, etc, are all safe.

Funny thing is, I always complain to my bosses at work that we should do more incremental upgrades throughout the year rather than waiting until something breaks and have to go code red. Yet here I am doing the exact same thing they are. Karma's a bitch.

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redlinederby 3/13/23
Site manager

Just a quick update that the technical upgrades to the site have been made and so far everything seems to be running smoothly. I didn't check every nook and cranny but I think it's pretty good.

If you do see any sort of errors or bugs or something seems to be breaking, please send mail or PM me immediately.

Otherwise, you won't see any changes to the site visually or new features. These upgrades were all technical...updating versions and stuff like that. I am working on a site refresh but I have no ETA on that as of yet. Chugging along slowly but surely (and don't call me Shirley).

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