What are your rookie FAQ questions?

redlinederby Tuesday, 4/4/2023
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One suggestion from the recent visitor survey was creating an FAQ for diecast racing. It's something that's been on my list for a very long time but really leaned on the forum and sections to handle. It's time to rethink that a bit and an Diecast Racing 101 list of questions and answers could be a good place to start.

What questions about diecast racing did you have when you started? 

Could be related to anything...modding, track building, hosting races, whatever...each of the buckets can go very deep so please lay out what's on your mind. Get as detailed and specific as you want.

And if you're a veteran racer, think back to when you started and what you were chasing.

Comment with your questions but PLEASE lets keep this to collecting questions only and not providing a bunch answers at this point. I want to collect questions so I can make an FAQ that is nice and organized. 

Answers to the questions will be pulled from threads and articles from the past decade. And there will likely be some that will be new and need input from everyone.


Where can I buy Merchandise to help support Redline?

Such as T-Shirts etc....

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Kingjester 4/4/23

When keeping axels secure when you aren't using the interior of the car what do you do?

  • JB weld. Allow at least 8 hours to dry and use an axle jig — RLoRacing

I would love any tips for getting nice crisp paint lines when masking, or how people are getting water slides that look like the car has been vinyl wrapped, to adhere and conform. Maybe its the clear coat I am using on my water slides but I feel like they are just to thick and don't conform well. 

  • I use frog tape for clean painted lines. Wraps are more difficult, I find when using conforming agents (which I think help a lot), the wrap decals tends to break up with too much repositioning, etc. — G_ForceRacing
  • Once your water slide decals are applied and the water has dried, use a small paint brush to liberally paint on Micro Sol. It’s a setting solution for decals. It will soften them and make them form to the lines of the car. Once it dries completely, clear coat away. — DogSquabRacing
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dr_dodge 4/5/23

How long should I put into the schedule for shipping?

Do I make re-usable boxes for return shipping?

What are prohibited fantasy wheels?  

Are external weights in the form of additional spoilers, turbos, fender flairs, etc acceptable?

What are crappiest wheels/cars/castings to avoid?

  • prohibited fantasy wheels?!?!??! that's the worst! — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • 100% depends on location and traveling distance. I plan on at least 7 days for USPS to send a package more than 50 miles. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Yup. If you do not, you are the worst kind of inconsiderate turd. Plus, not doing so well probably hold up your return. — Uncle_Elvis
  • Most any wheel not black in color is considered fantasy. Also, the super skinny style ones like on the salt shaker are fantasy. — Uncle_Elvis
  • If the host allows external body mods. — Uncle_Elvis
  • No such thing. Mostly trial and error. Identical castings can have wildly different quality wheels. Modern matchbox wheels are a pass though. Those and most any other "knobby" wheel. — Uncle_Elvis

How do I shorten or lengthen axels?

Links to the best threads on

  • wheel sanding / shaping
  • wheel farming
  • axle polishing

  • Sneaky Bob teaching how it is done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xtx4jjKP9Y — Numbskull

How do I run a mail-in tournament?

What are the basics to recording / editing / publishing videos?

How do I earn the title "worst track ever?"

  • lol — dr_dodge
  • You get a bad review on YouTube from a sore loser. — SpyDude
  • Still don’t understand the context to this.. — 0utsiders_Street_Racing
  • @NeOn: short version is, some random posted a comment about IDR's track on YouTube that basically stated "Worst Track Ever." IDR ran with it, and even 3D printed a sign that reads "Worst Track Ever" which is proudly displayed at the top of his track. Not to mention all the free publicity from people laughing about it .... — SpyDude
  • IDR: Post up the link to the video where the jerk called your track the worst ever. — SpyDude
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dr_dodge 4/6/23

How to tell legit races from questionable ones.  Especially when the race is sponsored by someone that just registered.  

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SpyDude 4/6/23

What are people using to support / fasten down their tracks (both orange and Crash Racers)?

  • and what products are still available (printed parts wise) and from who — dr_dodge
  • I too am interested in this topic. — StarCorps
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