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What do you do in real life?

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Phil_NWA1 8/30/23

I am in my first year of retirement, the last 19 years spent working in connection with the farming industry on the admin side.

Been self employed a few times, driving instructor for about eight years which was fun and satisfying.

Now I have a bit more time am really getting back into some basic hot wheels racing at home, have another hobby too, Subbuteo table soccer which like hot wheels been with me for over 50 years of and on.

  • I've always wanted to try that table soccer. Looks fun. Glad you're sharing retirement with all of us :) — redlinederby

Retired! +21 years Air Force/NYANG Radar. Lots of time in industrial engineering. Programming machine controls, electrical and instrumentation. Hobbyist for most of my near 65 years on this planet. Everything from plastic models, slot cars, control line and R/C planes and on and on... Rockets, boats, helicopters, you name it. Now I do alot of Gi Joe repairs from talker repair to reflock and custom heads. Found a stash of old Die Cast from my son. He passed at 18 y.o. in 2000. I miss him every day...

I am looking to participate in die cast racing and learning the ropes before I attempt to do a track of my own... thanks for having me!


F'D Racing

  • Sorry about your son. Welcome to the hobby and I hope you have fun while you’re here. — redlinederby
  • sorry for your son, that is some tough stuff, welcome to the community — dr_dodge
  • I couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a kid. Now that I have grandkids I watch over them like a big old sheepdog. — Soapy_Waters_Racing

I have my last year in middle school and I work with my parents in AC but in my free time I do customizing on cars and I collect cars.

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EnZedRacing 8/31/23

Hi guys and gal's...just want to say that its been a really good read, an interesting one at that, on what we all do outside of racing/collecting/customising. You see names pop up quite often and think that they must be graphic designers or engineers as their cars are always work of art.

Good to see everyone taking time out of their busy lives to share their hobby. Much appreciated 

Big Mike

  • Thanks for asking that! As a noob, it was nice to see other folks story and get to onow a little about them. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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WolfHound 9/11/23

The last 3 years iv been a full time single dad to 4 school going kids, Before that was IT support for 10 years and a whole host of other jobs from forklift driver, to bakery, to cabin crew on daily sailings.

Had 2 business's computer repair locally and a travelling sport equipment supply shop (darts).

now i get to enjoy hobbies with my kids :) 

  • tthats the best, hangin' with your kids havin' fun — dr_dodge

Currently a graduating student who has tons of schoolworks/assignments and projects to do but still have time to do what I love. Diecast. May it be collecting or racing, having fun with it is what matters. My stress reliever after a long day from school.

My goal? To get a job so I can support this hobby XD

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DTaylor44 9/12/23

Worked in construction my whole life started when I was nine working on jobs with my family Retired for a few years To be a stay at home dad for my youngest two children went back to work in Construction to help my middle daughter pay for college been collecting Hot Wheels my whole life and racing I have over 35,000 hot wheels

  • no wonder I can't find any goid ones! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Wow! And my Sweetie says I have a Problem with 300+ cars. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • 35k cars, that's awsome! — dr_dodge
  • 35000!!! I feel a lot better with my stash now lol. Great share mate :) — EnZedRacing
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Francis920 10/8/23


Rico the Robot AKA: Jim Greenall

I was in the entertainment industry for about 25 years building animatronics. (IMDB Jim Greenall)

For the past 9 years I have been at Haas Automation as a Mechanical Design Engineer.

Photographer and videographer. Before that I worked at walmart. The Journey has been NUTS!

  • I worked the produce dept. at Walmart for about 6 months when I was between jobs. The job was okay, but the best part was that there were tons of hot chicks walking around everywhere. — Numbskull
  • If Walmart paid better I would go back. I love hot chicks. — Numbskull
  • LOL! I actually enjoyed my job when I was there, I worked in the photo department — epvideos_diecast_racing
  • ooofff... so many hotchicks at walmart numbskull... surprised you haven't snapped up a few... so many rolling heavy on those fancy skooters! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • lol — Numbskull
  • We all have different standards. lmao. — Numbskull
  • makes the world go round brother... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Yes indeed. — Numbskull
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tallguy 1/28/24

Computer weenie (not my official title) for over 40 years.  Currently working at a large pharmaceutical company, but I've also worked at semiconductor and financial companies.   I volunteer at the church often, either washing dishes, cooking, or teaching. I rediscovered electric football about 12 years ago, and created a website ( to help people get started. Lots of hobbies already, but just found out about diecast racing a month ago.

My name is Nathanael,  I am eighteen, am homeschooled, and play banjo in a family band along with two of my younger siblings. I am the oldest of five. My main passion is designing things and competing against other people's designs. I want to be a mechanic and eventually design my own cars. 

We are all very much into endurance racing and collect and race diecast cars. My two brothers, Immanuel (10) and Joel (8) follow a lot of the diecast racing channels and infom me on who is who etc. Immanuel does the same thing with racecar drivers. He wants to be one himself. He also has a promising career as a guitar player though.

Joel enjoys modifying cars. He is also learning bass.

My sister Sarah is 16 and paints our cars for the tournaments. She is very artistic and musical. I believe she wants a career in music. She plays mandolin and guitar.

Our youngest sister is Syon. She is four years old. She is also artistic and musical. 

  • Wow very family run when it comes to the operation. Music and diecast is quite the combo. — Kingjester

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