What paint do you use for your cars?

John_Duke Sunday, 10/2/2022

I've been researching different paints, and they all seem pretty good. I'm just wondering what types you guys use


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SpyDude 10/2/22

Good old-fashioned Rustoleum seems to work just fine for me.

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MadMike 10/2/22

I usually use duplicolor automotive paint, but have used a variety of different paints. 

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Numbskull 10/2/22

Rustoleum, Dupicolor, Tamiya.

  • Thank you. I believe I will look into Tamiya — John_Duke
  • Tamiya cleans up with alcohol.... nice array of colors too — G_ForceRacing
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dr_dodge 10/14/22

Testors for the specialty colors
I just used the color changes

Duplicolor for the colors

rustoleum crystal clear enamal for top coat over decals

(Testors is now owned by rustoleum)

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redlinederby 10/14/22
Site manager

Also check out the Paint & Decals collection of topics in the Forum. Lots of other chat and tips in there too.

Personally, I've always just used the Rustoleum spray paint from Home Depot or wherever. Nothing fancy...but I also never made any super details builds anyway.

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Deedose 10/14/22

I first use a rustolem white surface primer , and then paint the main color and details with acrylic .

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Everfree 2/8/24

When I was working on my Warhammer 40k miniatures, I used Citadel paint.

  • great for figures and details, i use it for changing skin tones on the drivers — dr_dodge
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