What's the fastest car in your collection?

AJdiecastracing Wednesday, 5/26/2021

What's the king of your collection? 


  • Is that a Honda Civic with skinny wheels from a salt shaker? — Kingjester
  • from the solar car but close enough! — D_Built_Garage

I don't have the slightest clue today.  As a kid it was my yellow Sir Rodney.  Fastest car on my whole block.

As a kid, my fastest was my "Speed Racer" car. Second Wind. Hands down beat every car my brother and I owned, and that was a lot. 

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NRRacing 5/11/23

Currently US base Noodle Head.

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Scoupe 5/11/23

An 80g mod Flat-Out 442.

Stock, GHO Mirada or Mattel Daytona, depending on how moody the Mirada is feeling that day.

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