What's the fastest car in your collection?

AJdiecastracing Wednesday, 5/26/2021

What's the king of your collection? 


  • Is that a Honda Civic with skinny wheels from a salt shaker? — Kingjester
  • from the solar car but close enough! — D_Built_Garage

I don't have the slightest clue today.  As a kid it was my yellow Sir Rodney.  Fastest car on my whole block.

As a kid, my fastest was my "Speed Racer" car. Second Wind. Hands down beat every car my brother and I owned, and that was a lot. 

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NRRacing 5/11/23

Currently US base Noodle Head.

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Scoupe 5/11/23

An 80g mod Flat-Out 442.

Stock, GHO Mirada or Mattel Daytona, depending on how moody the Mirada is feeling that day.

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Vulfgang 1/14/24

Aside from the usual gravity conteners mentioned: Jaguar D type with metal base, Buick Wildcat also good open track racers, 71 Mach 1, Nitro Doorslammer...

no collection and no fast cars... but I am working on it!

  • Im putting a gravity racers hot wheels selection of known fast cars still in original packing to sell. Funny cars, hot tub, stockars, wildcat, 16 angels, FTE's, mx1, daytona shelby, jaguar D, speed bump... perhaps you would be interested in some. — Vulfgang
  • Thanks for the offer! But I don't collect and I am working on how to be faster! So far, I have learned I am not ready to drag race! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Vulfgang - that sounds great to me — RobertBcfc
  • Hello Robertbcfc, Vulfgang here. I will put a detailed list together for you. I just bought a couple boxes of carded cars and my head is still spinning trying to decide which to keep! — Vulfgang

My fastest car is a 1971 Porshe 914 from Matchbox. It is awsome. But there is no way I'm customizing that thing, don't want to accidentally ruin my speed. It is perfect already.

  • thats my skill set right now... take a decent car and make it slower! lol — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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Vulfgang 1/19/24

Every track will crown a new champion. After racing on a couple dozen different tracks from 10.5 foot to 50 foot open courses, almost every winner was different. Even track temperature made a difference. Some cars get faster or slower over time. All this randomness makes diecast racing very fun. Its one of the few things that my grand-kids do thats not a video game. Current champ: Side kick wins the 15' mac daddy drags.

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RayRaySugar 1/19/24

Porsche 918 Spyder, currently at NO EVOS ALLOWED tournament 

Our fastest cars in a straight line are the jaguar I pace etrophy, an early model corvette gran sport, and a preying menace. We have found that these cars are a bit to fast for a lot of open tracks so they're consistency is lowered so they don't end up winning our tournaments that often. Another comparably fast but more consistent casting is the matchbox moving parts Bentley Contenental (We have found a lot of matchbox moving parts cars to be fast). Of the castings that have won the most tournaments would probably be 1st place,  lucid air with I think at least four overall victories and 2nd place aston martin v12 speedster with several very strong finishes.

When I first got into actually modifying them back in September I got six lucid airs numbered numbered them, found the fastest #6 and set it aside and modified the other five - one for me and each of my siblings. We each painted our own in the colors we thought would be the best racing livery (my sister Sarah's design won the popular vote). The irony of it is that we did a small slow car tournament just my two brothers and myself where a first place is 1pt, a second is 2, third is 3, fourth is 5 and a dnf is 0 and the lucid I made for Joel made it into his team and actually won the whole thing.

We also did a king game where two cars race and the best of two races becomes king. Defeated kings had to sit out for at least five races. The best cars for this game on that track were the Mazda 787b and the aston martin v12 speedster. We played a similar game later on a different track and the mazda 787b and the the ford gt40 were some of the most notable contenders.

I put consistency over speed. Here are some of my favorite castings for balanced performance:
Lucid air,
Aston martin v12 speedster,
Mazda 787b,
McLaren elva,
Pininfarina battista,
Matchbox 2020 corvette c8
And the matchbox moving parts Bentley Contenental.

There are many others that are really fast and I might put in my team on certain tracks but these are some of the ones that really stand out to me.

Current fastest Stock: Siku Ambulance 

Current fastest Modified: Country Club Muscle 

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