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Will 3D Printing be the future of die-cast racing?

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Why not just make a separate class?

  • Because no one would enter in it. — Deedose

Not gonna race without metal involved.....

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SpyDude 2/1/23

There are guys over at Gaslands who are 3D printing various parts for the cars. I've seen at least two versions of Bone Shakers that have had custom chassis printed to fit larger wheels, and someone did an extended truck frame for a hauler. However, these were still using the original (if modified) diecast bodies.

I can see printing various parts and pieces for the cars, but do not see an actual full 3D-printed vehicle race happening anytime soon. For example, I can walk down to the local store, pick up a few mass-produced HW's and MBX cars, then modify them using basic tools and be ready to race in a couple of hours. For a 3D-printed car, this also assumes I actually HAVE a 3D printer (I don't) and all the materials I need to build a car from the ground up. I would have to rely on someone else to build a car for me to race, and then it's not "my" car, it's one that I purchased race-ready.

Just my pair of Lincolns .....

  • I like the idea of accessories printed for certain "themes". Also could expand past gluing jigs, and maybe have "casting molds" for some universal mod chassis to replace the crappy plastic bottom castings some cars have — dr_dodge
  • (like below) — dr_dodge
  • I do think 3D printing is best for the add-ons and accessories, not the actual cars. I don't think our racing needs a pinewood-like kit for people to get involved. But show them a little doodad to make their car look cooler and yeah. — redlinederby
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dr_dodge 2/2/23

Universal chassis mold?

  • That would be awesome! The one issue with using 3D mold would be that Bi/Sn expands slightly when solidifying. Another approach would be to print the positive and cast it in silicon and do a split mold. Something like — TheMakersBox
  • I may attempt to make a brass flat mold this weekend, and try to pour it — dr_dodge

I like metal chassis & prefer factory assembly. Human scale screws kill the suspension of disbelief.

however, MB & HW have yet to do a squarebody Suburban. Not one! One of the longest running production vehicles.

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