WolfHound Racing track build

WolfHound Thursday, 9/28/2023

Finally getting a start on getting track together for a race.

Still in the early stages


a 4 foot run at 15 degree angle into the first 90Degree turn almost immediately into a 225 degree turn the whipped into a 180 the 90 again before the final straight of 4 foot smooth run to the finish.

Thats the plan.

Does that sound too much with the turns like that ?

Waiting on another nascar track set to arrive to have a clearer layout and to be able to test.


looks good so far!


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LobotomyScam 9/28/23

II ddon't think it sounds like too much, just as long as the cars keep going.

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WolfHound 9/30/23

So second nasdcar track arrived today so off to work on getting stuff done.

Tried different combos to try use up the curves but wasnt happy with anything. Settled on this but test runs of cars straight from the pack ar 5 to 6 seconds. on approx 26 foot long track

So fast cars would be sub 5seconds

Not sure now if i should try expand on the track to try get longer times


ended up adding in a little helix 

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WolfHound 10/1/23

Does anyone else make place holders for designs or ideas of what they want where.

like here im trying come up with a multi story carpark look in the helix.

just a rough and ready look to help visualise what i want.


  • on my train layout, I would use manilla folders/glue sticks, and fold up the structure, and use sharpie to get the look/shape aprox'd. — dr_dodge
  • then use that pattern, if modded, to make a new one, rinse and repeat until I liked it. (sometimes building take a weird shape to view correctly) rectangles turn trapozoid, of triangle to get the correct view from different angles — dr_dodge
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WolfHound 10/7/23

Wasnt happy with the helix. it blocked acces to crashed cars and viewing of the race so ended up changing the track layout.


How often have you changed the layout before you where happy with it ?

  • some here have had great track, and tore them down and rebuilt them — dr_dodge
  • heck, isn't 3d on like his 5th track? — dr_dodge
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WolfHound 10/20/23

Trying to tune in the speed to make sure there are no slow spots.

its amazing how much difference it can make adding a little high here or there.

Striped road is temporary due to it being a pure spin out section then There will be a 180 turn into the wall that leads into a finish line. Once i get some straights .

Still need to source start and finish gates in the EU.


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WolfHound 10/21/23

While im figuring out the main track and themes i started to 3d print and make assoorries 

Tyre holder with old axle and wheels


3D printed bleachers


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