Variation-Jason Saturday, 4/24/2010

Another big win for the team! 5 out of 6 races won! WooHoo!!!

And the Rover is still undefeated.....

"Reply by jim carlson

Indeed, the 959 and the Rover is the big match up! I think that Porsche just may slip past the Rover...we'll see! Sorry team TXDRA!"


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Bandeezee 4/25/10

Yes indeed, congratulations on some nice wins. I can't believe I lost all 3 of my races I should of known it was time to trade in the Firebird 400 though. Wow though, I never thought the Superbird FTE would be this slow, it's now 0-3. I don't know if the one I have is that special or this one is the exact opposite of a golden goose car, LOL. Either way, I should have known better than to keep the Superbird. I think the SLK will survive, I just think it ran into a fast car. I tell you though, the FTE in Superbird FTE must stand for Forever To the End . I have to drop that car like a bad habit. See you at the track next weekend.

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