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WorpeX Monday, 7/11/2011

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

A few of you might remember my little project I linked when I first joined. Well, after working on the website off and on in my spare time, I have finally finished it and it's looking great! I took a bunch of ideas from the Redline site, but I tried to keep things fresh with my own ideas as well. I'm quite proud of the end result! Hope you guys like it!

At the moment, I have no plans on making any kind of a fantasy league with it. I'll leave that for Redline Derby! However, I will schedule tournaments and have all of the results posted in a nice readable format.

The first tournament will be held on Saturday July 16th! You can find more information on it here: http://worpex.net/1233.php

Anyway, take a look around at the site! Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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redlinederby 7/12/11
Site manager

Very cool...it'll be nice to have another site where people can look up racing data. And to be honest, for the 2012 update I've "borrowed" a few ideas from you as well.

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WorpeX 7/16/11

Results up for the most recent tournament!

After a bunch of close races, a Semi-Fast was able to pull out ahead and take the win! it beat out Shadow MKIIa in the grand finals. Results can be found here: http://worpex.net/1233.php

Tomorrow ill be running another tournament with a few of my less successful cars. These include a Flashfire, GT Racer, Buick Wildcat, Modified Ferrari F40 and Speed Blaster! Should be another good tournament! You can find a list of all of the cars here: http://worpex.net/BottomTier.php

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WorpeX 7/22/11

Not that anyone really cares, but in the off chance that someone does...

My web-host decided it wanted to permanently discontinue its service without warning me. Sadly, my file back-ups were about 2 weeks out of date... so I have to re-code a lot of things. The site is up again on a different host, but the tournament pages I linked before wont work anymore. I need to remake those. : / Luckily, I do have a perfectly up to date SQL back-up so all of the actual car results/information is up to date and working. Might be a handful of images which are broken because of this though.

I did run the tournament that I mentioned before, and I will gladly post the results for it in the forum if anyone wants to see them. I likely wont have any results page up for that tournament for some time otherwise. For the previous tournament, there is a results page up for, but its the auto-generated version and difficult to read (regardless, its here: http://worpex.net/eventresults.php?even ... TIEBREAKER)

I have another site on my server which is much more important than this one is and it will be taking up the majority of my time for the next few weeks. Sadly, the back-ups on that site were not nearly as good as the ones for this one... which means WorpeX.net will have to be put to the side for a bit. Sorry guys.

Edit: Scratch that! I got lucky and found cached pages on Google of most of the stuff I lost. Was able to just do a 'View Source' and copy/paste it! There is some minor work that I will need to do still... but luckily I didn't do very much since I last backed-up data.

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